The Trayvon Hoax That Divided America Is About to Be Exposed!

Zimmerman can be heard on tape following Trayvon around. A dispatcher specifically told him not to do that during the 911 call.

Whiteness is all they have. There is no point in explaining it to them. Their responses prove your point. Very well said @nia and it was brave of you to post with such honesty. :clap:

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He was a young man, old enough to walk to the store by himself in peace. He was also someone’s child.

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How utterly silly.

You can explain away. Doesn’t change that it isn’t about “racism”.

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Well who was burning down BLACK owned businesses in Ferguson??? The Klan ??? That sure set a fine example for Black humanity!!!
We burn black businesses down, put brothas out of work. We mad cuse white pig shot po brotha cuse he rob store. Now we want gubment cheese and welfare cuse its whities fault brotha dead.
Yeah, where’s the Black Humanity in Chicago with the black on black crime???

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Unless he isn’t literate enough to read the newspaper, there will plenty of reports of blacks breaking into homes.News travels fast no matter where you live.

Understand. Trayvon Martin was not menacing, he was simply existing the night he encountered the racist Zimmerman and had his life snatched away. Anyone who believes some how it’s black peoples’ job to make whites more comfortable with our existence can kick rocks!

LOL… He was just simply “existing”.

How about I go take a walk down MLK at night? I’m just “existing”. Bet I don’t make it out alive.

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If you live on MLK and it’s where you belong, why wouldn’t you make it out alive? Poor Trayvon Martin was just walking by himself in a place where he belonged. I can’t think of a better example of just existing.

Thank you for making my case. Where you belong.

Go where you don’t belong? Oops. Doesn’t matter if you are black or white.

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Ha! You were doing a lot of typing to make such a short post. I wonder what you were really going to say? :hear_no_evil:

I’ll just assume you aren’t being snarky and my point went right over your head.

My point is you wouldn’t get killed simply for walking around in your own neighborhood but that’s exactly what happened to Trayvon Martin. He was killed for existing in a place where he belonged. “Walking while black” is the correct term of art, I believe.

Just because I’m a progressive doesn’t mean I live in a complete fantasy land. Chicago, born and raised.

Why can’t you treat blacks equal to whites? Stop make fake stories up .

I followed the whole story, even the volumes of facts the MSM did not report, and I know what you are falsely claiming were “police orders”. I wanted to see if you knew what they were and could justify them.

No “police orders”.
Zimmerman was defending his life when he shot TM.
TM was NOT a child.
GZ did NOT walk away scott free.

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Genesis 3:20 “The man called his wife’s name Eve, because she was the mother of ALL living.”
Apostates do not believe this but that humans are divided into different races, some more evolved that others. That is heresy.

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Thanks for confirming for the rest of the smart intelligent people here on this site that you along with every other democrats what ignorant idiots you people truly are!

You win the Darwin Award today!

Your response was not only based on ignorance but it probably is more revealing the level of intelligence you possess! You are probably some Fat white Beotch with hairy arm pits drinking copious amounts of Pepsi, sleeping in your urine and living off of government handouts while calling people racists when you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. Read the fking article before commenting!

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What? The humanity that Trayvon was a racist thug himself? Yeah that really sells well in today’s narrative! Maybe you might want to enlist that other racist pig hustler too? Have the so called Rev Al Sharpton to do your taxes too? Slave on slave begets more slavery, which is your own! Stop playing the fking victim all the time Nia!

Nia, you need to enroll in SENSITIVITY TRAINING classes ASAP!!! Are you making excuses for Chicago’s BLACK on BLACK crime problem???
At the risk of beating a dead horse, there were NUMEROUS reports of blacks breaking into homes of the Gated Community. Trayvons father could have driven him to the store to be on the safe side.I bet Trayvon wasn’t singing in the church choir on Sunday either.
Dan, maybe you need to take a " nice walk" on Chicago’s South and West side. See how long you exist!!!

You know what is interesting? The knee jerk reaction to the article.

What they are not getting is that there is a much bigger picture involved because their brains can’t process past racism.