The Trayvon Hoax That Divided America Is About to Be Exposed!

For those of us who have been following the bread crumbs of what many came to believe to be a hoax is now coming to serve a different narrative that will have a lot of people very scared. Joel Gilbert’s new documentary film “The Trayvon Hoax” is premiering September 16th at the National Press Club in DC and admission is free. Joel Gilbert is also the author of the 2012 Book “If I Had a Son” which was a best seller. You are probably wondering why this is this worth mentioning? Well it has most of the DC acolytes talking about it right now, including the Obama’s which should tell you that its release is probably going to be met with some serious MSM burying as well as ignoring it all together. However the inside scoop according to the article just published by “American Thinker” is suggesting that it is about to expose a major bombshell about unearthing legal fraud not seen before. Also another reason, is that the Trayvon case was a major catalyst that set race relations back in our country to which is still being felt and dealt with today, if one considers how this snowballed, this event was also followed by other events such as Ferguson, Baltimore, Dallas, and Baton Rouge to the likes we have never seen in a long time. I want to go see this film, and will be following closely to where this story will lead us to, but if all things are true according to this article then it will be interesting to see what develops in terms of a narrative that basically all but destroyed one mans life relentlessly!



I think the entire western world is going mad.

The Trayvon Martin — George Zimmerman story is an old one but this reporter dug back into it to find out the reality behind the left’s narrative and present us the real story. Excellent work.

OJ never drove the Bronco…Qed.

I followed most of this at the time. Good reporting done here:

thou shalt not speak factually of St Skittles.

This is stupid, racist, and offensive. George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin after disobeying police orders to not follow him. The only “hoax” here is that Zimmerman walked away a free man.


There is nothing stupid, racist or offensive about facts.

Gilbert has done that and more. In the course of his relentless research into the shooting and subsequent trial, I can say without risk of overstatement that he has unearthed a legal fraud the likes of which I know no parallel. Not only has Gilbert discovered it, but he has also proved it six ways from Sunday, including DNA and handwriting analysis.

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Which “police orders” were those?

Sorry but that was a really weak response :laughing:

The FACT is George Zimmerman failed to follow instructions.

The FACT is George Zimmerman decided to hunt down an unarmed child and kill him.

The FACT is George Zimmerman walked away free despite failing to follow the instructions of law enforcement.

Yeah, now that you mentioned not the facts are kinda RACIST aren’t they?


Trayvon had to know about the recent break-ins and knowingly walked through the neighborhood. If his trip to the store was that important his father could have driven him there.
Both sides probably had attitudes which escalated in Trayvon being shot by the " Racist " Zimmerman.
I don’t believe Zimmerman is racist but he isn’t one of the brightest bulbs on a string of lights.

That’s a MASSIVE speculation. It’s not a fact.

He was old enough to take a walk by himself and had every right to do so uninterrupted. George Zimmerman was not a police officer and had no right to bother him.

He was a teenager being harassed and bothered by a stranger in his own neighborhood.

His actions were racist and the actions of the police department to back him up were even more racist.


Why don’t you Google it and find out. If you don’t have the context then maybe you should school yourself before you post. You obviously are not informed about this subject.


All the evidence at the trial supports Zimmerman especially the 911 voice recordings of his voice. All the witnesses testified it was his voice they heard calling for help.
There were previous reports of breakins at the GATED community.
There wasn’t any evidence presented that he is a racist.
This wasn’t an OJ type trial and he was rightfully ACQUITTED by the jury.

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An unarmed child? Yeah. Weak. :laughing:

Which is it? :roll_eyes: Was he a child or old enough to walk alone in the dark?

This case was investigated inside out, upside down and every which way but it still didn’t “fit” the liberal leftist racist agenda to put the blame on the victim who was Zimmerman and it was a case of self defense against a tall bracing 17/18 year old angry young man.

GZ was jumped from behind by TM so we don’t know that he wasn’t actually walking back to his car per the dispatchers instructions as the MSM was so biased and dishonest in their reporting it was beyond the pale, they reported false information and edited the 911 tapes, It’s a practice the MSM continue to this day. :angry:

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Yeah, yeah. Everything boils down to being racist. Overused and abused.

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I used to try to convince white people to see the humanity in Trayvon Martin. I used to say “what if that happened to your 17 year old son?” It took a while before I realized there was no convincing white people. Stone cold racists.

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Is that right? It’s only “overused” because whites don’t see black children as human. White supremacy has done a good job unfortunately equating blackness to sin and depicted white people as the only ones who have humanity, who are fully human.

So tell me now about it being…overused. Maybe the word racist just makes you uncomfortable and I am certain you know why that is.

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Sweetheart, get a grip.

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