The Stunning Importance of What Devin Nunes Said Yesterday!

In case for those who have been living in a cave for the past 2 years, the Russian probe and appointment of Mueller was always a contentious issue based on mere optics in order to maintain a certain narrative that Trump colluded with the Russians to win an election. Lets not mention already that most of this is rife with so many contradictions, and representations of hypocrisy by our elected officials along with a complicit media colluding with the deep state to push forth a false narrative that the American public is all but exhausted on this one narrative.
A article just published today by “The Conservative Tree House” outlines exactly what has been going on with the Mueller investigation and for what purpose in which Rosenstein appointed Mueller in most candid detail.

What are your thoughts and where do you think this will be headed?

It’s going to end with Don Jr indictment. I don’t think Trump gets indicted while president. But will once he is out of the office.

Even if it stopped today, this investigation is good for law and order. No matter how rich you are, if you commit crimes, you will go to jail.

You dillusional and ignorant at the same time! I guess it’s true! You have no clue what the truth is! Try reading the article before commenting!

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I read the article for a laugh… Devins Nunes is your source for truth? Lmao.

More conspiracies. Nothing in that article explains why every important person in trumps campaign team lied about their contacts. Trump himself lied about knowing Putin… helped write a statement with his son lying about the trump tower meeting…then lied about Moscow Tower. Literally lied about everything to do with Russia

But the investigatiors are the problem hahahahahahahahahahaha

You free to provide your proof! Otherwise you are just another lying POS Liberal moonlighting as a incoherent moonbat!

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You must not have been following this investigation… because if you were you’d realize how dumb that question is. Provide proof of Trumps campaign member indictments? Provide proof that Trump lies about knowing Putin? The Moscow tower?

What do you want to see proof of?

Sorry every time you post a response you just prove even more how ignorant you are! Using false equivalencies to make an argument that is not only a misrepresentation of the facts but proves you have nothing to substantiate anything that adds to this conversation is a waste of time having a discussion with you on any subject matter on these forums! You prove once again you are intellectually bankrupt and can’t make a cogent argument on the contrary.

Try again little one! Here is your ball back, now go play! Don’t worry! I will no longer respond to you, so you are free to talk to your self if you wish!

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What part would you like me to prove? I won’t provide proof to everything because I want you to do homework too.

So what do you want?

How about actual proof rather than vacuous accusations supported by zero credible evidence?

That would be a welcomed change.

Proof of what? There is so much. You want the indictments of several Trump campaign associates? You want the videos/tweets of Trump saying he doesn’t know Putin? Or that he didn’t have any deals with Russia?

Regurgitating indictments isn’t proof of anything regarding Trump collusion.

Why do you keep hijacking these discussions? Why can’t you simply discuss the content of the Nunes article OP? If you are unable or unwilling you should simply stay away.

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A lot to digest. I’m not sure I buy what Nunes has to sell in regards to Trump being the primary target. But we shall see.

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Unless you are a powerful enough Democrat…

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Can you say Clinton Crime family. :+1:

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Nunes is making an assumption that Trump is a target of this investigation. Even if true, how does that change the investigation or the results of that investigation

Where is the collusion?

It doesn’t and if you read the article, you would see that’s not the point Nunes was making.

I read the article. It says that Nunes is making an assumption that Trump was the target of the investigation. I see no other point that Nunes is making.
However, the author does make a lot of “what if” speculations.

What point do you think Nunes is trying to make?

There’s been two years of “what if” about Russia collusion from the MSM and not a shred of evidence. That’s probably fine to you I bet.

With fake indictments and guilty pleas amirite?!