The Silence of the Shepherds on the Abortion of the Lambs



Thank you for your concession.

Now why don’t we get back to the thread topic?


You are a lib. It is a tenet of your faith.


You’re easy to please.


So there is no such post. Thank you.


That’s what my wife says.


Do you support the right to abort babies?


If you’re going to reduce this to juvenile polemics, we may as well go back to Conan’s internet tough guy “who the fuck are you?” game.


It’s a yes or no question.


Yep. In the real world there are people who hold views that are offensive to us for any number of reasons. You cannot regulate speech or opinions.


How we used to be able to talk and treat each other.


This was enjoyable until the double troll team showed up to express their superiority while contributing nothing.


Are you talking about Bryan’s racism or the “libs” denouncing it?


This one has a really thick head people. :roll_eyes:


Are there some things worse than racism?


Yes. What Bryan “wants” has no bearing on what happens.


Why? Are you a minority planning an abortion?


For black people in America? I would frame it this way…

Economically racism is the worst thing for black people.

Health and safety? No, cancer kills more black people than racism does.


Cancer is one of the good guys…it doesn’t discriminate. :wink:


Some people think killing babies is worse. But on the other hand apparently, some don’t.


Dependency on government is the worst thing to happen to black people.