The Silence of the Shepherds on the Abortion of the Lambs



I denounce your liberalism, yet I listen and respond civilly to you when you have something to legitimate say. Sad that you don’t as well.

There are a lot of liberals on this Forum … undoubtedly more than there are racists.


Racism isn’t evil…


How about hoping minorities continue to abort their children, specifically to benefit whites?


Outlawed? No. But fought with every fiber of our being, yes. Liberalism is far more dangerous to a free society than modern racism ever could be.


Not evil. Evil would be forcing them to do it.


That is not what you have been complaining about. You are whining because you were called out as a liberal. I would have thought you would be proud of that.


Fascinating. Something’s only evil if people are forced into it?


Always with the government. Always.


Is that what I said? You aren’t very good at strawmen.


Wow, did you jump into a thread with absolutely no idea what was being discussed.

Are you proud not answering the question?


So evil can exist in situations that don’t involve force. Thank you.


I answered it several times before you asked me the question. Are you participating in a thread that you aren’t reading?


20 characters of LOL


How is what he said anymore evil than what you advocate?


What am I advocating?


Does that mean it exists in this case? Thank you.


The right to abort a baby.


Meaning the opinion of the racist? Yes, that is evil.


Please quote the post where I am advocating for abortion.


Why is it evil?