The Silence of the Shepherds on the Abortion of the Lambs



Yes, for black people in America.


My dear. Just look at the headlines.

He needs to resign because of a blackface photo in his yearbook.

Not because “the baby will be kept comfortable while a conversation ensues”.

The libs have their priorities in place. The disconnect between what is relevant and is not is absolutely astounding.


They can push the racist baby killing advocate out for sexual predator who tried forcing a woman to do oral sex.

Stay tune as libs world turns.


Not economically… government dependency didn’t deny black people housing and jobs due to their race.


In cases where the survival of the baby is in serious question. Do you seriously want government involved in that decision?


Perhaps their education/qualifications and credit score did then.


I would imagine the baby’s survival is definitely in serious question if its life is hinging upon a “conversation”.


This statement doesn’t make sense. If the baby is born but has potentially life threatening deformations or a disease there should be a conversation before the Dr. or parent(s) do something hasty. Why wouldn’t you want to talk to you family or spiritual advisor about this issue?

Do you want the government to force to in one direction or another?


There was racial discrimination in lending and in college acceptance.



Hmm, I did not hear these caveats as a part of the proposed legislation?


After they failed doing a third trimester abortion that disfigured, harmed the baby…and then after birth they revive it to only discuss about killing it again.

Only in America.


No, not only in America!

So many of us loathe this and are fighting against it.

Yet, what are the headlines? Dude did blackface in 1984.


This should be easy… show the part of the legislation that allows for 3rd trimester abortions without medical conditions?


The liberals and the MSM have a two part tactic:

  • The unacceptable topic is to be avoided
  • The acceptable topic is to be promoted


In New York, more black babies are aborted than black babies are born.


Your point? Your boy Bryan should be happy to see those figures. Why aren’t you?

But seriously what is your point? They made the choice.


Your argument is 50 years out of date.


How about when old decrepit Grandma becomes a burden … do you want to kill her too?


You are right. Poor minority kids (excepting Asians) have an advantage.