The Silence of the Shepherds on the Abortion of the Lambs



That’s the way it’s done! :wink:


I agree he has the right to say what ever he likes. I however denounce his racist post.

I don’t denounce his right to express himself. I denounce his expression.

Sad that you don’t as well.

There are a lot of racists on this forum.



I saw you say “Not at all” to “do you denounce his post.”


They can’t except I view THEM with far more disdain then “some” outspoken racists.

For me it’s about keeping and eye on roots cause which we call progressivism.

While they bring race into this to distract they’re…wrestling control of our goverment.


I guess you missed this part.

As for my comment. That’s what they do. They will use the words of imbecile as a weapon against our ideology to prevent us from wrestling control of our goverment away from em.

Like I said…I didn’t denounced it to your satisfaction.


If you review the thread you will see that Bryan brought race into this conversation, not me.

And so you honestly have more disdain for me than for the guy who wants minorities to have more abortions so the white race can grow?


I’m not sure what I have expressed on this forum for you to hate me more than an overt racist.


Because I view YOU and your progressive authoritarianism far greater danger to our Republic.


I read that, and frankly, I didn’t understand who or what you were referring to. It’s not very clear.

So, I take you at your word - that is a denouement of bryan’s racist post. Thanks.

So why do you despise me more than a racist like bryan?


Because it wasn’t meant for YOU.


I’m sorry to disappoint but I am not a progressive authoritarian.

But even if I was…lol. really? A progressive authorarian is more dangerous that a guy who wants more abortions of minorities so whites can grow in population?


Pardon my expression, that that is fucked up.

You are making a lot fo excuses for a racist. Seems to me you identify with his politics and are loath to hardly criticize him. And you admit even if he is a racist, at least he’s not a liberal.

So…that is tacitly accepting his racism.


Yes…just as I view Communism to be a thread, I view today’s progressives with same threat.


Yes, Bernie Sander is way more dangerous than a racist who wants more minority abortions so the white race can gain population. that’s a very well reasoned and logical position…


That’s right…I view your kin much greater threat.


You know nothing about me or my kin. You have no godly idea what my political affiliation is.

But I realize that doesn’t matter. This is all bluster so you can excuse racism. To downplay it, make it no big deal.

You said as much. the main reason that post bothered you was because it would hurt your political party.

This forum is an interesting place. Outright racism couple with tacit acceptance of the same. All the while, people claiming the moral high ground, and labeling people they don’t know as threats to america.

So, since you think liberalism - or was it liberal authoritarism - is so dangerous, should it be outlawed? What should be the fate of those that dare to express such politcal opinions?


Difference between Bryan and progressive libs…as of date I haven’t seen him advocating using goverment to impose his views. Until then they’re just his views/opinion.

Can you say the same with Bernie supporters and other left-wing totalitarians?

As for moral high ground, Bryan isn’t using minorities to seek power for elitist few.

Which make him less racist then your average lib.


Bryan’s racism has been condemned by most people here, but the Moderator staff has made it clear that he and the other racists on this site have just as much right to speak as the rest of us. In a demonstration of that Mod ruling, in this thread, he has been expressing legitimate points that are worthy of discussion in spite of his underlying proclivity for racism. If you have something to rebut those points, have at it, but please, spare us your holier than thou attitude.


You are the one who is objecting.


Social media sites, such as Facebook, are full of heart warming videos of badly treated animals being rescued and rehabilitated, yet many of the same people who tear up over those stories turn a blind eye toward babies being aborted “for their own good.”


To someone hoping minorities get abortions to keep whites on top? Yes.

How about you?


We have. The Mods have made it clear that they will not censure racism. There is no point in continuing the denunciations.