The Silence of the Shepherds on the Abortion of the Lambs



Now you’re talking Bryan! I like that!


Another good one Bryan. I would add gender.


Keep in mind the foreign policy of conservatives at one time were anti communist. They were extremely anti commie and thought we should challenged em wherever a commie existed. If I remember correct old saying goes, wherever there was commie they will be American face challenging him.

Reason I’m saying this is so people don’t conflate the two. That was reason why after the fall of Soviet union I opposed European expansionism…specially hiding behind American military might but that’s another argument for another day.

They didn’t take over the party…as Pat Buchanan said we handed it to em.

I like to think of it this way, they need to be reminded what it means to be a conservative. Years of propaganda had lead them on misguided path.

Now this is were I have to disagree. Multiculturalism existed long before progressive movement started. We were made up of many nations/cultures…Sneak will tell you about 11 nations and they were mostly white European.

As for your question…I have 1 goal and that’s to limit our goverment and and return to what this nation was create on. which leads to next reply.

I will use anyone and anything I can to deny the progressives their ultimate goal, I don’t give one fuck what race you are, your faith, your culture, your heritage…none of that concerns me more then denying libs controls they seek.

You stop progressive movement you end 90 percent of problems we face…that how I see it.

But what I won’t do is let them…meaning libs to use race to undermine my own goal.

Make no mistakes, Pragmatic could very well taken a screenshot your post and say see this…this is who they are when our goal should be to deny them of government powers.

Just making our job all that harder.

That’s my take on it, but do what you want…it’s somewhat a free country for now.


The fact that you’re more concerned about the consequences to your ideology and your party than you are about the racism itself should give you pause.

How about just denouncing it as evil? That’ll put your ideology in the best light.


Perhaps if you condemned the blatant racism on display in Bryan’s post and rejected it as a conservative, minorities would be more interested in joining your political movement.


Oh look…two libs walk in and totally misrepresent what I was referring too. Never mind the fact they wouldn’t even comprehend it even if they did.


You know nothing about me, and label me a lib because simply because I find your position untenable. And I’m the one misrepresenting?

Just denounce evil as evil, and let others judge your party accordingly.


You know, you are free to have it and speak it.

But, why just whites? If your daughter or son had a child with a “non white”, would you seriously not love that child just because of skin color?


I see…and who the fuck are you too judge?

Talk about missing the mark.


Do you denounce the racist post in which a poster said he wants more minority abortions so white populations will rise?

You haven’t so far.

And then you bemoaned the notion that such posts might keep minorities from joining your political movement.

I am suggesting that if you would like minorities to join you, you should have their backs and denounce racist comments like that post.


Maybe you should rethink that kind of broad brushing.


When you post things on a message board, people are going to judge them.

On the one hand, you want minorities to join your political movement. On the other, you won’t denounce a racist attack on minorities.


You mean I didn’t denounce it to your satisfaction?

Or did you on purpose ignore the fact that he shared the same values as your hero Ginsburg?


I didn’t see you denounce it at all. I saw you say:

As for your beliefs you’re allowed to have em…and so do I.


Honestly, who cares about the libs or how they “paint” us.

Even the most common sense statement is portrayed as being racist.

I’ve given up on trying to find any common ground with them. That boat sailed long ago as the left has become so unhinged and radicalized they are not worth the effort.


Everyone judges, you as much as anyone. You’re on here worried about how conservatives will be perceived if racism like that goes unchallenged. You judge everyone who disagrees with you or challenges you as a “lib.”

Who the fuck I am is someone who makes judgements based on what I see and hear, just like you. So maybe ask yourself who the fuck you are?

Or maybe stop being so sensitive.


Except if that child were adopted and given a fighting chance in life.


Not at all. He is free to speak his opinion

What I denounce is people trying to suppress freedom of speech, even if I disagree with it .


You can denounce the racism while defending his right to express it.


I just did…