The Rise and Fall of Neil Young

One of the stories recently circulating the news cycles is the one involving Spotify, Joe Rogan, and Neil Young. As most of you know and of course I have posted Joe Rogan’s pod cast as it relates to the Vaccine issue and treatment of COVID in the other COVID threads, Joe Rogan with an estimated following of his podcast 11+million subscribers has been very vocal about alternative treatments, opposing vaccines, and has increased his following due to his questioning of Big Pharma, their vaccines, and the way they have been systematically silencing doctors who have spoke up and are against vaccine mandates, the vaccine themselves.

Rogan has had several prominent Doctors on his podcast such as McCollough, Malone, who incidentally have since been banned on twitter for speaking the truth. Due to Joe Rogan’s popularity and vast influence, has caught the attention of not only Big Pharma and their crony dirty political group think of bought politicians, but the hard left Marxists and their celebrity marching band advocating to shut down Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Then came the 200 physicians signed a letter addressed to spotify in an attempt to get Joe Rogan censored. Truth be told however those so called 200 physicians where it turns out that they weren’t even qualified doctors or physicians to begin with, so an epic failure by the establishment to try to put pressure on the media giant Spotify to cancel Joe Rogan when it was called out all over social media.

The next move by the left was a doozy involving Neil Young and his own music to which his catalogue of music was purchased by Blackstone for the tune of $150 million dollars. Much of said investment of course was banking on the royalties it would get by featuring Young’s music on the World’s largest music streaming service Spotify.

Well fast forward to the main story, to which Neil Young gave Spotify an ultimatum, by demanding Spotify cancel Joe Rogan or he would pull all his music from Spotify based on accusing Joe Rogan of spreading misinformation on the vaccines, and the virus itself. In other words it was either him or Joe Rogan. In a matter of 2 days which to many may have seemed like minutes, Spotify granted Neil Young’s request by simply puling all of his music from their lists. Essentially Neil Young went up against Joe Rogan and lost. Why? Do the math! Young will not only lose out big on having his music streaming on one of the largest media platforms, but he just got humiliated in the public’s eye, something I am not sure he will ever recover, from a public relations stand point of course. Not only that, if his actions in the form of tweets which some are saying were ones put out by his long time live in spouse actress “hasben” Daryl Hannah who was using his account and acting as his publicist, then that might open him up to future lawsuits by the same company who purchased his catalogue if they are unable to recoup their investment due to the couple’s colossal fck up.

In conclusion, Neil Young’s actions was not only one of the dumbest moves in what appears to be a leftist off his meds type moment but simply put, an idiotic decision to which he over played his hand in thinking he was still relevant and could have such influence over millions of people who would side with him and now he is going to pay the price while wearing egg on his face.

Food for thought Dumb, dumb, and dumber! Then again this is par for the course for leftists who are detached from reality, especially celebrities still living in the 60’s. Whats a boomer? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The Neil Young rabbit hole is hilarious!


Trump tells a story about Neil Young. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


These “anti-establishment” hippie boomers sure do a good job shilling for the establishment.


It’s pretty funny - I grew up in the 60’s and still have some of those counterculture attitudes. “Question authority” and “stick it to the man.” However, by the time I was 18, I knew that the whole thing was phony. If you questioned their authority, “all you need is love” went out the window.

Now Neil Young is “The Man.” I never thought I’d see the day. It’s a really bad sign, when the brain-dead hippies (or their evil spawn) are in charge.

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That old fart should know better than to side with the leftist tarts .

Joe Rogan responds to Neil Young

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From the book Freebirds: The Lynyrd Skynyrd Story by Marley Brant:

"The presentation of the song “Sweet Home Alabama” in concert was accompanied by the unfurling of Skynyrd’s traditional backdrop, a huge Confederate battle flag. The reaction of the audience was always the same: vigorous, fervent, and instantaneous. Neil Young’s song “Southern Man” had offended many Southerners by seeming to accuse all people born in the south of being intolerant racists. Young’s observations were obviously generalized and not accurate and Southerners were ecstatic when Skynyrd defended their honor by releasing “Sweet Home Alabama” with its direct references to Young’s faux pas. The idea that the Southern man, or woman, didn’t need Neil Young around to point out the problems of their society was overwhelmingly supported by Skynyrd fans.

“We thought Neil was shooting all the ducks in order to kill one or two,” Ronnie told Rolling Stone magazine regarding the creation of the answer song. The band felt that Young’s lyrical content was representative of the shortsighted “Yankee” belief that all Southern men should be held accountable for the verbalizations and actions of a racist minority.

While the rebuttal was heartfelt, Skynyrd held Neil Young in high regard for his musical achievementts and they weren’t intending to start a feud of any kind. “Neil is amazing, wonderful… a superstar,” said Van Zant. “I showed the verse to Ed King and asked him what Neil might think. Ed said he’d dig it; he’d be laughing at it.” Ed King says that the tune was not so much a direct attack on Young but just a good regional song.

The song was well received but immediately put a stigma on the band as rednecks. Producer Al Kooper added. “Hey, you have to be more careful when you write a song now. But I’ll tell you something – Neil Young loved it. That’s true, he told me so to my face.” "


I was never much of a Neil Young fan, although I thought his more recent works “Harvest Moon” was pretty good, the rest of his catalogue is acquired taste; and from my neck of the woods he isn’t thought of much even though we are close to Canada. Hell, Neil Young isn’t even American so not sure why he felt the need to attack southerners, other than being an ultra liberal and the Woodstock status BS as being the counter culture but being a Southern sympathizer myself I can see why some would take offense. As far as being a musical Genius, well, that opinion is rather subjective. I know plenty of other musical artists that are closer to that distinction. Young is a hasbeen who simply was looking for relevance with his BS hallow threats against Spotify to advocate his position of Pro vaccine garbage.


I would put Young in the category of Jane Fonda and other past their prime entertainers.

I remember Neil very well as do I recall Barberella. But anyone under 40 doesn’t even know or care who these faded dim stars are.

The corporation that owns Young’s portfolio can’t be happy losing future diminishing revenue. Probably sue his ass for being such a dumb f-----ker.

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That is pretty much my sentiment and my first reaction was how does someone who is suppose to be so smart allow themselves to make such a dumb decision? Its quite possible they will either try to placate Spotify with hat in hand and try to clean this mess on behalf of Young using the excuse that it was Daryl Hannah not Young who made the mistake. At least that is what I would try to do, other wise I won’t be surprised if Blackstone tries another way to recoup their losses by litigating it in court. I can’t imagine what the discussion is right now as they weigh their options at their corporate headquarters.

After being anti- edstablisment, he " suddenly " is struck by lightning and sides with Big Pharma. Being part of the hippie culture,he should be embracing alternative treatments as well as his fellow Marxists should.
Musically, he’s not within eyesight of Metallica,The Who or Queen. Let him hold a benefit concert for fellow Marxist Whoopi Pie Goldberg , a typical ignorant, obnoxious Project Ni%@#er.

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Neil Young created more room for better music.THANK YOU!!!


Unfortunately this thread is not aging well. Joe Rogan and now Spotify are taking a knee. Unfreaking believable! Why can’t people just keep their mouths shut to let a story die on its own petard?

It’s SHAMEFULL to see people like Rogan bowing down and groveling for forgiveness to the Leftists that are gaining more control each day.
Conservatives only have free speech rights that that the Left allows. This crap started with Lennon and Ono with Give Peace a Chance and gained momentum from the Leftist media.Today, Conservatives are cowering in fear of the Leftists and have surrendered to them. It’s time to stop kissing their nuts and begin an open rebellion in all areas of entertainment etc. Some of these entertainers and their sympathizers need a good slap in the face.
The Leftist control thought in the sports area forcing athletes to publicly grovel and beg for forgiveness. The time for increased resistance is now before it gets worse.


Its a change in culture where the greatest advocacy is needed. Stop the culture of lying, violence, greed, etc. When that is above all else in demanding such changes, everything becomes down stream from there such as stopping to indulge in sports, entertainment. buying certain goods and services that are produced by woke corporations, endorsed by celebrities. It starts with us (We the People) in changing our behaviors, our attitudes, and adhering to our principles for what is right and rejecting what is wrong and adverse. Power is in the purse as the saying goes, but only in numbers does that work! Time is coming soon that even the loneliest commoner will have to choose a side.

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I agree, this country has become a nation of sheeple following the leaders bell( vaxers) , taking MSMs BS as gospel, bitching about Pols , but continue to vote in The Village Idiots Nutty Nancy, Mas Max, Sleazy Schumer, Swamp Rat McConnell and others.
Your right, its We The Sheeples fault fawning over brainless celebs that are absolutely clueless. People as a whole havs given up independent thought to go along to get along.

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I wonder what the liberal sheep would say if they ever heard some of the Joe Biden remarks about blacks in the early years ?

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Its a matter of public record, they willfully ignore it. Funny isn’t it?


I’m going to disagree with you somewhat on “sheeple” and “vaxers”. Not all of us that are vaxed are sheeple. I am vaxed. I did it because I thought it was the only way I was going to go back to my job. I was wrong… and I regret getting vaxed.

I didn’t… and still don’t care about the long term effects this could have on me. I just wanted to get back to my job. Did I cave?.. yes and no. I didn’t want the vax, but if that was what it was going to take to go back to work… Hind sight is 20-20. I wouldn’t do it again, and I will not be getting any booster/s in the future. If I die because of the vax, so be it. I’m not afraid of death.

Just be clear that some of us that are vaxed may have had other reasons for getting it, other than being scared of a cold virus. I am hardly a “sheeple”. I wouldn’t be on a forum like this if I were.