The return of lockdown lunacy

In the wake of rising numbers of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations, as many as half the states, notably those run by Democrats, are headed back toward economic lockdowns. These include New York, Illinois, Virginia, Michigan, Maryland, Minnesota, California, and Washington. Some like California and Washington have considered full shutdowns.

This means lockdowns of schools, churches, businesses, restaurants, and office buildings. California Governor Gavin Newsom even issued orders on how to celebrate Thanksgiving. No singing, no laughing, and no more than ten people at the table. Who thinks up these edicts? Much more worrisome is the discussion from the transition team of Joe Biden over a national lockdown that could last several weeks.

Michael Osterholm of the University of Minnesota said he wanted such a suspension of economic activities before public backlash and broad alarm about the effects that his recommendation would have, particularly on a nascent administration. He and other Biden advisers said the reason the last national lockdown in the spring did not work was because it was not “stringent” enough. What more do they want?

But enforcing all these regulations could be difficult. A new Gallup poll finds that less than half of Americans say they are “very likely” to comply with shutdown orders. America could turn into a police state to enforce Democrats’ plans to cancel economic activities and demand people stay at home.

What makes all of this talk about massive economic shutdowns so disturbing is that there is no evidence – none – that lockdowns slow the spread of the virus. When even the World Health Organization – hardly a pro-business organization – concedes that lockdown orders don’t stop the spread of the virus, one might think that the case is closed.

The Committee to Unleash Prosperity has been tracking the virus developments in lockdown states and non-lockdown states since March. We grouped the states into five categories, from the strictest lockdowns to states with no lockdowns at all. The evidence shows unequivocally that lockdowns are not associated with lower death rates. They are not associated with lower hospitalizations. In fact, the association runs in the other direction: States with the most stringent lockdowns, such as New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, have had the highest death rates.

The only effect of lockdowns is to bankrupt tens of thousands of small businesses and destroy millions of jobs. Every week of shutdown leads to roughly $250 billion a week in lost output. So, over six weeks, we would lose $1.5 trillion – more than the entire annual GDP of Michigan and Ohio combined. And it would crush the spirit of the American people, leading to more depression, isolation, drug overdoses, spousal and child abuse cases, and deaths of despair.

There is a much more cost-effective strategy employed by many states: protect seniors, people who are severely overweight, and medically vulnerable populations. These groups account for well over 90 percent of the deaths and severe COVID medical problems.

It is one thing to have supported shutting down the economy nine months ago when we didn’t know if this would work. But to continue to promote ideology over facts and evidence flies in the face of the very “evidence-based” public policy that the left accuses the right of ignoring.

Stephen Moore is a founder of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity and current member of the economic recovery task force of the White House.

The US leads the world in Coronavirus deaths as a result of Trump’s failures and his inability to lead and manage. The governors are doing everything they can without any help from the genocidal lunatic in the WH.

The lockdowns are necessary and should be extended.

My response to these governors–if I were a business owner in one of those states (or even just an individual)–would be to fully ignore those lockdown “orders.”

I consider them both inappropriate and–even more significantly–unconstitutional.

No governor has the right to act as an autocrat–dispensing rights and retracting them, as he (or she) sees fit.

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That’s not your decision to make. The people elected the governors and they are well within their rights to lock their states down.

Every time you post your soy garbage is one more reason you need a good punch in the mouth!

Totally agree, and this not just in America it’s world wide where revolts are uprising!

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I’d rather have an ass pounding. I’m sure you’d love to participate…or do you like bottom too? You strike me as bottom.

What happened to your anti hate speech little Mao? :rofl:

Listen up Kung Pao - explain to me why when CNN declared Biden to be the pretend winner of the election why it was ok for your deranged and drooling pals to gather in the streets dancing like prissy fairies…but it’s not ok for families to gather for Thanksgiving.


The lockdown isn’t for the people, but for the pedophiles, predators, thieves, and flag haters who don’t want the people to be free or the middle/working class to work or thrive.

That’s why General Tso is so giddy about it.


The only lockdown I support is locking down our borders until we can round up all domestic terrorists, treasonous politicians, and every last citizen that committed voter fraud. Nobody in. Nobody out.

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I’d expect something like that from an advocate of the CCP.

This is America. We have every right to do business, welcome family and friends into our homes as we decide. Not government.


You are a disgusting pervert.


Yet they are. The sheeple ask how high should they jump.

The media isn’t covering the protests over the bullshit COVID lockdowns in Europe.

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That is a wish list that will never happen.

I’ll even bet you (hypothetically) Biden will tear down all of the border walls Trump managed to build.

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If they are going to make an effort to disrupt our lives I think it’s only fair we return the favor in kind…


No one’s life is going to be disrupted unless you live in a lib hellhole like NYC which is seeing a mass exodus.

Personally? I think those folks should stay and reap what they voted for or didn’t care to vote for and should reap the rewards.

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Ever been to NY…outside of the city? It’s a big state with a lot of damn people spread out in primarily rural counties - lots of heavy agricultural and a vicious climate. A small landmass packed to the brim with leftists put that shitbag Cuomo in office.

It’s easy being conservative in a conservative state. It’s hard being conservative in a place like NY, outside NYC.

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Leftists and those that refuse to do their research are truly responsible for our country being taken over by far left progressive authoritarian shit bags . The reality is that we need to fight. There is no there way at this point. Unfortunately this war has no winners . We all lose . The government will be the winners and the American people will never get back their freedoms that were given up. We have seen the media lie and manipulate the weak minded people , unfortunately there is far too many weak minded sheeple in our country and all over the world. Politicians are calling for a reset. This will finish the job of eliminating the middle class. The covid lockdowns will continue indefinitely, as they know that it will guarantee that people follow suit. Please reach out to people and try to educate them as to what’s going on . Remember it’s easier to feed a baby milk rather than meat.