The real official duplicated Tucker and Elon have a chat interview. Duplicated just like Jit the Zit does

If you say so! There are only 7 people here and no body comments on your posts because they are not interested. You should not try to bump your posts all the time, it only shows you are desperately starving for attention! As I said previously, no body cares more about your posts than you.

There are dozens of non members that frequent the site. Every day.
And read my posts.
Again if you don’t like it, move on. I’m going to keep talking about what’s trending. Hehe

You are delusional and a liar. We also see that too!

What is your Twitter handle? Maybe go there and see how many followers you have​:sweat_smile:

Definitely more than you lol especially after my appearance on national tv number one rated news show.

Oh yes, but you couldn’t provide a link or proof of any of your outrageous claims. Ha ha! Sounds like you suffer from a inferiority complex!


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Oct 2022
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THE REAL official presidential thread 2024 us


Feb 9

Explain how your date is later than the original unless you copied it.


WhTs up bro … I’m African American not a ginger

Jizzard’s pathological lying tendency showing again!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

He is a full blown sociopath! He reminds of this! A creep!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Lol :joy:

Hindsight is 20/20


Mine was the original, ask Manhattan to swear to god he didn’t duplicate this thread. I bet he won’t lol

Your origin produced at a later date. Must be some kind of new math you learned in the leftist school system.


No that’s the second one I started because KVN took the 1st one down, by mistake she didn’t look at the date. That’s why I was approved to the start that one.

This thread got more responses than his Tcker fker thread got! Go figure! Hilarious!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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No that’s the second one I started because KVN took the 1st one down, by mistake she didn’t look at the date. That’s why I was approved to the start that one.

Well we all know that is one big giant lie on your part! And no KVN never approved you to duplicate other people’s threads. Everything that comes out of your pie hole is a lie! Your entire life is based on a lie!

This can be settled by asking the moderator herself?

One of the characteristics of a sociopath is the fact they are pathological liars and the Jizzard has proven that to be true time and time again on this site. He became butthurt because he was not only caught changing other people’s posts without their permission but also plagiarizing other people’s written work.

Just ask @tt53 whether or not Jizzard is a liar and how he changed his posts.

He invents fake girlfriends, fake accounts to give himself likes here, claims he is a celebrity and goes on Fox news regularly but refuses to prove it when called out. He also claims he served in the military, is a James Bond hero who travels the world and now he claims he is African American? This asswipe tells so many lies here that he is now become the in house clown show regular. You have to laugh because his inventions are a product of a person with deep rooted insecurity issues whose life profession is making pizzas. Pretty sad really!

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Hopefully, along with banning this loser from this site, because Louman is right, he contributes absolutely zero here! Because he is a big fat zero in real life!

Yes, but… no moderator is present on here… or seems to care.


I am told that they will return some day. :grin:


Swear on god and your kids lives that you didn’t duplicate the 2024 presidential thread. What do you have to lose? Besides being called a liar on here lol