The real official duplicated Tucker and Elon have a chat interview. Duplicated just like Jit the Zit does

In the interview, Musk will discuss the controversy surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and how it could change the planet forever.


In a preview of the interview released Friday, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO sounded the alarm about AI, calling it “more dangerous” than any flawed vehicle.


“AI is more dangerous than, say, mismanaged aircraft design or production maintenance or bad car production,” Musk told Carlson. “In the sense that it has the potential, however small one may regard that probability, but it is non-trivial, it has the potential of civilization destruction.”

Musk will also share the inside story of Twitter and his future plans for the social media platform that he bought last fall.

The two-part event will air next Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox News Channel.

Is he really that depraved for attention that he thinks people will read his threads?

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Lol you don’t have to read it, you just can’t duplicate it, or talk about it in another thread, that would be rule breaking.

I can talk about anything in any thread I want and you don’t make the rules!

But it can be duplicated just like you duplicated the 2024 presidential thread to post your SHIT!

Or the sports thread, or the Clown World thread, or the many others before that?

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It seems the moron thinks this is his site and it can do anything it wants.

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No mine was the original… he duplicated it

Clown word isn’t the same as the edition

Sure it isn’t! You just copy and paste the same content and call it different. You did not bother to change the title either. :weary:

No it isn’t and he didn’t copy yours and you need to stop crying about it as if you are the victim. I assure you no one here cares about your threads more than you do!

If you didn’t care you wouldn’t be posting about it lol

Btw clown world was originally started by
Someone else

You sure do like to lie a lot too! No one started such a thread only you copied it!

BTW It really doesn’t matter to me, it’s just funny watching you make a fool out of yourself thinking all 7 of us here reads your trashy posts, then cry about how others are stealing your threads when you basically do the same thing by duplicating because you are so desperate for attention. Try having a normal conversations like the rest of us do here, maybe not try so hard in seeking attention by claiming every thread topic as being yours.

It wasn’t started by Manhattan, he added a sub to it, like I did… not sure what the big deal is.

There are numerous clown world titles … not sure why you’re hung up on mine

The dates say you are a liar.

Not sure why your panties are is such a twist as your topics are shit ad they are filled with nonsensical ramblings that you add to keep a topic at the top of the list. Otherwise your a giant pain in the ass with nothing to contribute other than laughter as you have no idea of what’s happening in this country and you lack critical thinking skills and haven’t had an original thought in years.

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Like Bidet, delusional.

Ok copy and paste tard lol at least I add my own summary.

You’re old and are out of touch.
And you keep duplicating posts this is why Manhattan was yelling at you and I had your back, until I realized you’re really fcuking stupid lol and he was right about you. So now I attack you for duplicating, and he sits back clapping … now if I don’t say anything… he’s going to come at you… eventually

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You’re instead young and stupid likely a HS or less education.

You are unable to have conversation without the typical Rump hat speech.

You duplicate topics then cry foul when someone else duplicates your topic and provides logical discourse.

Your a typical of a Rump follower, uneducated, unable to form an original thought and unaware how your country is crumbling and only able to assign blame, laugh like RUMP instead of seeing and help address issues facing this country.

Ever call your representative or senator?

Ever protest an issue?

I know the answers, like RUMP bitch and do nothing about it.


Weak sauce on your part to cover the fact you duplicated his thread. You did not add a sub you copied it, just like the sports thread and other posts . You don’t like he gets more views than you so you need to copy his posts.

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