The Real Face of Pope Francis!

Tonight after visiting the Nativity scene in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis loses his cool after being grabbed by a worshipper who wouldn’t let go. The Pope repeatedly slaps her hand and offers angry words.

I’m no fan of this pope but there really isn’t anything worse than pushy and grabby Asians.

Yeah but this was a bad moment in the PR dept for the Pope and usually there should be security Guards that help with this kind of stuff. I would never see Benedict or John Paul acting so ungraciously. This is a very negative look.


If anyone needs any more proof that this man should not be pope, here it is.

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That’s what happens when the devil is clutched by a true believer. It recoils in pain.


Fuck THIS goddamned Pope!

Screenshot_2020-01-01 The Vatican Quietly Pays Out Almost $4 Billion To Child Abuse Victims

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Honestly while I’m no fan of the pope the way she grabbed and yanked him over she had it coming.

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Nah. She was just zealous, wanting to touch the Pope. Did you see her make the sign of the cross as he approached? She’s just a true believer in the RCC and the ridiculous notion that the Pope is some sort of conduit to God.

He’s just another human as were all previous Popes. The pompousness of the RCC dictates that the parishioners kiss his ring and beg for his personal blessings. Same is true to a lesser degree regarding the Cardinals and Priests. The fact that they are addressed as Father, though they’re supposedly celibate (what a fucking joke!) suggests they consider themselves envoys of our Heavenly Father…i.e. God the Father.

Your post is articulated in such succinct terms to the point that it’s an indictment that this Pope is not only a Globalist schill, but a political appointment as well. Hence the fact his predecessor was unceremoniously ushered into early retirement and pales in comparison to the intellect he offered to the masses!

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He’s a frail old man. She didn’t just touch his hand she nearly yanked him of his feet.

Popes are also one of the biggest targets for assassination among all world leaders.

Yes she was “just overzealous” and wrong.

Even at that he didn’t seem to get irritated until she refused to let go.

Your opinion. :innocent:

Yes and you have one too.

‘The church’ is predicated upon mindless rituals (think swinging the censors, and ringing handbells 3 times between texts?) by men in frocks to instil mystique, and by doing so impress naive congregants to point blank refuse to believe that evil and subterfuge to gain access to children is endemic within it. Indeed, it’s precisely what the church is for - to provide a screen of do-gooding respectability designed to fool its followers - and to judge from the frenzied multitudes who literally worship the pope wherever he goes on the entire planet is absolute proof, if proof were needed, that it’s perfectly designed for the job?

**Just to point out that I used inverted commas around ‘The church’ to convey the fact it applies to all churches (and some sects too), not just the RCC.

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Watch the second video again. He was turning as if to walk away to his left without even touching hands with her. She was indeed a bit overzealous, but it seems she just wanted him to touch her like he had those next to her.

He was irritated before he turned around.

And what about the Confessional ritual? I’ll bet the ‘Fathers’ in them get their rocks off at hearing some of the confessions. I honestly cannot believe that anyone with a fully-developed brain can fall for this crap; it just has to be genetic - you either have the religion gene, or you don’t?

…and to extort contributions from the masses to fund the ornate buildings, furnishings, art work, utilities, food, clothing, automobiles, plane fares and other expenses related to the existence of the church.

Yep, and to provide them with the luxurious lifestyle to go with it all too, while most of their adherents are living in squalor? I mean, the irony of it? But hey, it’s better than working for a living? :grinning:

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There’s quite a difference between having a religion and being religious…and I think neither of them are genetically imposed. Both are matters of choice.


Alright then, delete ‘religion gene’ and insert ‘gullibility gene’. To believe in all this mumbo-jumbo must be down to something or other?

Actually I think the ‘herding instinct’ plays a part in it too.

She nearly yanked him off his feet and then refused to let go three times when he tried to pull away.

Yes overzealous and yes she was wrong.

I honestly cant’ stand this pope for many reasons but I don’t blame him for getting irritated.