The Rabbit Hole

If there is one thing I learnt from my time at Forex Factory, it is which subjects are the most contentious and likely to result in a comment being censored or a membership revoked. I think most of us FF exiles here have experienced a ban, for simple things like stating the truth and posing questions to the left that they are unable to answer. Talking about ■■■■ was a big no go, followed closely by Muslims. FF had advertisers to keep happy (probably ■■■■■ and Arabs to arse lick as they owned the site. So, I would like to suggest that fairly safe topics such as the US, EU, UK be discussed on the outside and this place reserved for the more controversial stuff.

I understand that a few here like reading one long ream of toilet roll and I haven’t seen anyone complain about it. @Patriot, is a big thread a problem? If so, we can cap it at so many posts then open part 2, then part 3 etc.

Also, as a small token of appreciation to Patriot and Kelly for their persistence to preserve free speech and their hard work and investment, I would like to suggest we all become donating members. Thanks.


Welcome “oh revered one” and a big thank you to @Patriot and @KVN

Almost seven in ten Party members say that Conservative MPs should vote against May’s deal.

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I presume if I see this post I don’t have to knock at the door.

I’m mainly a toilet roll reader through the week. :smile:

So is this where we post now @Jen or what ? Is Rabbit Hole Home the start of the new toilet roll ?
In here everything from muslim mayhem to enreeeky ?

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Good morning Miss I have come to join the class :wink:



I didn’t know that !

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My Rob… you’ve such a big’un !

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Nah! Here’s a big’un!




…and a nuth’un…


Does anyone understand what the feather is ? Or Why say @robgsxr and @Exodus have RH next to their handle and myself @Jen and @devauxt, @asaratis have founding member ? My only concern is that I think I have been demoted form Lance Corporal back to a Private? Which isn’t a problem apart from not having access to what you Chaps & Chapesses can see particularly the lounge, I like to relax in their too and believe they have plush sofas, full tea & coffee facilities. :grin:
Asar has already given me his thoughts.

EDIT: “In there” i often do this.

I think you should go into the transfer bit and say hello, to let Patriot know you got here ok.

This is your toilet roll. :grinning:

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Profile>>preferences>>account>>Title (pick one of the options)
I quite like the blue feather

edit: …also if you came here by way of the link in the email your account inherited some “stuff” from Freebird. Possibly the ‘feather’ has replaced the ‘$’ from the other site?

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RH means Rabbit Hole Member. I think your can change your title to that…in your profile.

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As our envoy outside the hole Jen it appears @asaratis is correct in telling me the key to the coffee machine is the blue feather ? Have I been classed as a libtard ? Do I have an invisible “to me” L on my hat :joy:

EDIT: It could be a welcome upgrade from the “D” before Eric Morcambe @Exodus says it !!

If you hover over anyone’s blue feather, it says “Founders”. That’s why I don’t understand that Stu and PH don’t have them…yet. Perhaps they will get them when they reach Level 3.

I’m a mushroom.

Ah yes, that could be it.

I, for one, appreciate regularity! :smile:

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Did this mean level 3 in the old place ?