The Proud Boys - Club for Men

Militias have been around for awhile though, and some have been preparing for quite some time. I believe it was them that invented the term “Prepper” as more and more people started believing that something was going to happen. Race riots is not only a predictable precursor but something that has been used throughout human history as well.

You won’t see any race riots in the country. Here in rural Georgia, blacks and whites have been living close to each other for generations. I see Trump flags everywhere.

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It may not happen in rural Georgia were generations of the same people have lived together for many years but the large cities was more more people from around the world being poured into them will have massive problems there is no social cohesion in large city anymore (I am not an American citizen so I may be very wrong)

That’s the problem when you have a country with weak immigration and open borders.

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Western civilization are formed on high trust societies with mass immigration that is going out of the window and is leading to the destruction of Western civilisation

Anytime these guys show up, it gets more confusing than a Father’s Day picnic in Detroit. Something isn’t right about them.

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Aren’t they part of the Patriot Prayer Group?

I’m not sure although they are frequently in the same place at the same time.

Here’s my problem with the Proud Boys…

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Well that makes things a little awkward :joy:

Jay Danielson, the guy that was murdered last week, was part of Patriot Prayer Group and also a Proud Boy. A lot of those guys are friends and know each other.

As far as the shields are concerned it could be someone who makes them for everyone and making a quick buck. Think scalper at Football games!

We don’t necessarily need to see more of them. We don’t need another political group, created by an e-celebrity, for the purposes of selling t-shirts and gear. We need average Americans to show up in force…which means getting up off our asses, myself included.


I quit honestly don’t care if they want to burn down their own cities. I do care about her when the liberals who live in those cities that created this mess decide to flee to the suburbs and countryside. However, even if they do that they are still outnumbered by the rest of us.

Congrats to these idiots, who just diverted the narrative to being all about violent Trump supporters.

100% controlled op from the co-founder of Vice.

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Did either of you watch the video in the first post?

We’ve been here forever…in every place that has been and will be. We all know who the Proud Boys are and what they do.

I was trashing Vice all over! It’s pretty evident people aren’t buying their garbage either!

Ladies and Getlemen,

We had a little thing called the War on Terror a while back, remember that? The piece-of-shit democrats use to always try to stop us from attacking the Mooslims, and the democrats’ ignorant reasoning was usually the same: We don’t want to hand them propaganda material.

Remember that? I sure do. It was also the same reason they wanted to shut down Gitmo.

Of course the correct response is: The Mooslims have all the material they need to last a lifetime. We cannot let the fear of propaganda stop us from attacking our enemies.


Cypriot’s attack on the Proud Boys, suggesting that we don’t want to fight back against the socialist vermin in the streets because we might hand the media propaganda material is the same bad Democrat logic.

Sorry, but you are wrong on this one.

Dude chill! Cypriot is cool! He is calling out the fake news site “Vice”! They are the ones that are always labelling Proud Boys as “ Alt Right” or “White Supremacists” which is bullshit! They constantly write hit pieces and support ANTIFA!

So give all of your boomer money to these cucks and go about your business.

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