The Oppressed Palestinians

IS THIS FOR REAL? Palestinians Open New Shopping Mall (Video)… Can someone verify this?

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Hamas and Hezbollah will both be opening rocket, mortar, and IED shops.

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Above: A Palestinian newspaper photo (May 18, 2010) shows Gazan children in the newly built Olympic-sized swimming poolwhich opened earlier this month, despite continuing claims by some Western journalists and NGOs that there are no building materials and a severe shortage of water in Gaza.

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Above: Recent photos from Gaza’s fruit and vegetable markets, a cake shop, and a children’s clothing store and toy stand in Gaza City. Hardly the “World War II-era concentration camp” that some Western journalists have claimed Gaza resembles.

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In case people don’t want to click through to YouTube - OP didn’t just drop the link.

Who cares if they have a shopping mall? It’s still a shithole.

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When did you last visit?

Are you implying that it’s a tourist destination?

I simply asked the question.

Now that you mention it though… .

The Jordeyptians appear to be doing much better than the Syrian neighbors who are not on an asylum tour.

Nobody tell them about the internet and Amazon.



My first thought was when will Hamas and Hezbollah blow it up! :grimacing:


They only would to blame it on their Jewish and western oppressors.

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Ah! Lovely! Looks like the one and only think to do there is visit the Great Mosque of Gaza. Sounds like a fun time. When are you heading there?

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I’ve been a number of times and hope to never return.

Because it’s a shithole…

Because of the people that populate it.

Yeah - those Jewish settlements are going up like crazy!

There are no Jewish Settlements in Gaza.

I didn’t specify Gaza, I was in general referencing the Palestinian territory… which is a total shithole. You are right though, there are no more settlements in Gaza.

I’ll always defer to a local on such matters tbqh.


We’re discussing Gaza, try following along.