The Notre Dame cathedral is burning, and ‘it feels like the end of the world’


Mark my words, Muslims are responsible for this. When it comes out that they are we need to go to war and end this for good.

Notre Dame Cathedral was on fire and crews were on the scene on Monday.

Yellow clouds of smoke could be seen billowing into an otherwise perfect blue sky. The central spire was completely engulfed in flames. The entire back roof burned through.

The heat of the fire could be felt from across the River Seine.

Firefighters at the scene were pumping water from cranes.

The iconic building in the center of the city is the most visited monument in Paris, with more than 12 million visitors a year — nearly double the people who visit Eiffel Tower.

Here’s a live stream. The tower is going to collapse. If this was intentional and it was Muslims…it’s going to get ugly.

I wouldn’t rush to that conclusion quite yet. I was just there last year and there was some pretty extensive roof work being done right up there where the fire appears to be. From my saved photo’s


Good point. I wasn’t confirming that it was. Just that if it does turn out to be intentionally set by a Muslim…that there would be some really big problems.

I sure hope they can save it, such a beautiful building. Not to mention the irreplaceable art in there.

This is now gone…


Libs hate Christianity more than Muslims do.

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Yep - you are exactly right. This is a scene from the SF Bay area from just yesterday.


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Ehh - maybe. It’s entirely possible since it is Paris. Could also be a mandatory affirmative action roofing contractor new hires. Dis welding torch be real hot. I is just gonna lay it here on duh lead. Lead be metal. It wont burn.


The picture comes from here.

Yes… there is a war on Christianity


Reminds me of Muslims blaming shark attacks on the ■■■■■

It’ll be an electrical fault or incompetence. Terrorists are more interested in killing.

But idiots will be idiots.

Nah, must be the Muslims.

Everything burns or fades eventually.

They were doing roof repairs, my guess is they were doing touchdowns and then left no one there after the shift ended to keep and eye on em. The timing of fire seems about right.

Personally I don’t lose a lot of sleep if people falsely accuse Muslim terrorists of something they didn’t do. They have earned that suspicion a thousand times over.


Yeah - I know. I found your statement to be ridiculous. This is a symbol of Christianity and Western Civilization burning down. It also happens to be Holy Week if you didn’t know. The most you could muster is “derp derp libs hate Christians more than Muslims” while a symbol of Christianity is burning to the ground and while Christians are being murdered by Muslims all over the world. Unbelievable.

Out of sheer curiosity, did the cathedral have"“serious” sprinkler systems? Any area that had any flammable material should have had state of the art sprinkler systems installed. At least a sprinkler system could have bought time. Must be the pipe fitter in me.

Not if you’re working on the roof and doing roof to wall flashing/torchdown.

The sprinklers used are specially designed for commercial use, and are extensively used in commercial irrigation & fire prevention systems. They are reliable, do not get corrosion build up like brass sprinkler can which can seize butterfly sprinklers and prevent them from operating correctly. These irrigation sprinklers can work with low flow and pressure rates and have adjustable orifices so the sprinklers can be setup to suit most applications without the need for pump up grades. The sprinklers are designed to produce a large droplet size, which minimises drift and they have a large coverage area.

Doing copper flashing does require serious soldering. No reputable compnay would have left for the day without a fire watch. Just base logic. Installation would not have taken a professional company very long. All inside timbers within the range of the sprinklers; and roof top for good measure.

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Not saying sprinklers wouldn’t have help, but it wouldn’t have stop the fire if my theory is correct. And if the roof caught fire and then collapsed so would have the sprinkler system because it’s mounted on roof structure.