The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Incident

Who done it?
Who has the motivation?
Cui bono?

Its not America that wants to kill Europe its the WEF. See Klauss Schwaab and his cronies.

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Take a look at this. Why would the Russians destroy their only negotiating leverage over the West on the verge of winter. If I were betting lunch, I’d say corrupt US politicians and their mercenaries pulled this off.


While it is true that America has benefitted economically from Europe’s struggles in the past, it is not in America’s best interest for Europe to be destroyed economically. A strong and healthy Europe is good for American businesses, as it provides a large market for our exports. Moreover, Europe is an important ally in areas such as trade and security, and a weak Europe would only make America less safe. Europe is home to many of America’s closest allies, and we share common values with our European partners.

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The pipeline was fucked torpedoed. One of the explosions was so big it was a 2.3 on the Richter scale. That’s undeniably an act of war

Posting for relevance…

Joe Biden is stupid enough to make a retarded move like this. If he had that damn pipeline blown up then you can bet your ass there is gonna be hell to pay for it. I’m not looking to get cooked by a nuclear fire so this fucking clown needs to stop playing games with people who will whoop his ass and all of ours in the process. This fucker needs to get locked in a room where he can’t touch anything except Hunter’s big dick!


This all makes sense. The United States and the European Union have long been allies, working together to promote “democracy” and “human rights” (read unchecked migration) around the world. However, recent years have seen the relationship strained…mainly because the US has accused the EU of being too lenient on Russia due to their dependence on their energy. The Europoors always laughed this off as nonsense but now, with Europe in the midst of a self-inflicted energy crisis, they have no choice but to come begging the US for energy. Of course, Biden will just tap our reserves and give it all away.

This has nothing to do with the US!

Vladimir Putin has a long history of aggression towards Europe, and there is no reason to believe that he has changed his ways. In 2014, he annexed Crimea, a move that was widely condemned by the international community. This year, in case you hadn’t noticed, he’s been waging a war of terror against Ukraine. He has continued to interfere in the affairs of other European countries, including by supporting far-right political parties and funding pro-Russian media outlets. He has also been accused of conducting cyber attacks against European targets. This pattern of behavior demonstrates that Putin is a lunatic and tyrant who’s does not view Europe as an equal partner, but rather as a rival to be countered and defeated. Given his track record, it is clear that Putin poses a threat to the stability of Europe. If anyone blew up this pipeline, it was him.

The US Navy is implicated in this. They were probably detected by the sounds of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training blaring from the ships.

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Evidence suggests otherwise.

Russia had the ability to save Germany and pretty much all of Western Europe from freezing this winter.

Energy distribution was Russia’s leverage to scale back from a proxy war with the US that they can’t win and that their public doesn’t really support.

Now Russia has nothing to offer Western Europe in exchange for help brokering a deal. Europe and Germany in particular will now be even more reliant on American energy.

Russia is going to have to accept defeat, continue and be defeated, or fire off some nukes.

If Biden and Victoria Nuland did this we must immediately hand them over to Russian authorities.

Our once proud military has turned into a joke.


With all the talk about the Nord Stream 2 pipeline destruction over the last few days, I’ve noticed a corresponding uptick in the discussion of nuclear conflict between Russia and the United States. This is truly terrifying.

Today, there are more than 15,000 nuclear weapons in the world, most of them in the hands of just two countries: the United States and Russia. With the recent deterioration of relations between these two nations, the risk of nuclear conflict is higher than it has been in decades.

The devastation caused by a nuclear weapon is unlike anything else in human experience. A single bomb can level an entire city, killing tens or even hundreds of thousands of people in an instant. The fires caused by the explosion can spread for miles, causing even more death and destruction. And that’s just the immediate aftermath of a nuclear attack. The long-term effects are even worse. Radioactive fallout from a nuclear explosion can cause cancer and other diseases in those who survive the initial blast. And the economic and social effects of a nuclear war would be felt around the world for years to come.

Despite all this, there is still a high risk of nuclear conflict today. In recent months, tensions between the United States and Russia have risen sharply, increasing the chances that a misunderstanding could lead to catastrophe. In addition, both countries have been modernizing their nuclear arsenals, making it easier to launch an attack at a moment’s notice. The stakes could not be higher.

With more than 15,000 nuclear weapons in existence and tensions running high, we must do everything we can to avoid war. It is essential that we maintain open lines of communication and work towards de-escalating tensions between our nations. Only then will we be able to prevent a disaster that could potentially destroy our world as we know it.

The most clear indication of the US destroying the nordstream is the lack of news and public interest about it.

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Russia won the energy war by doing nothing. There are plenty of customers outside Europe begging for Russian oil and gas.

Actually, Russia didn’t ask for the war in Ukraine (now against the NATO). Russia got tired of watching the Russian minority in eastern Ukraine getting massacred.

Israel has German-built submarines capable of launching nuke missiles. Israel successfully started a war between the Christian and Muslim countries by staging 911 using its proxies in DC and NYC. Now Israel can start WWIII by nuking anywhere in the US, Europe or Russia.

Israel is a cancer on the world. They are a parasite that feeds off of the resources of other countries. The United States has been one of their biggest sources of food and money for decades. They have used US tax dollars to build their country and fund their military. They have also used the US to veto UN resolutions critical of Israel. Israel is a thorn in the side of the US, and it’s time we cut them off. We need to stop giving them our money and our support. We need to stop being their puppet, and start standing up for ourselves. Israel is not our friend, and they are not an ally. We need to treat them like the enemy they are.

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Brother Nathanael’s take.
He didn’t say where he got the intel from.

The Polish Navy done it.