The Next US War is in Mexico

With war drawing down in Afghanistan, and reallocating military resources as the allies and theaters are changing due to a lessen military footprint of US assets, the attention will soon be turning toward Mexico and the eradication of the Drug cartels.

Why is this is worth considering? For several reasons.

  1. To address the existential threat of China’s and Russia’s covert economic aggression represents that aim to set up shop so close to the US border and address long term logistics issues for both adversaries.

  2. The economic issue and remaining competitive over our rivals. It was recently discovered that Mexico has the largest mining deposit of Lithium in the world and going forward will be in high demand as tech advances in the the next several years.

  3. Logistics and strategic long term stability in terms of trade that would bolster North America as the Economic power over that of European and Asian rivals in the long term.

Lastly consider in the next few days how the USMC will addressed with the impeachment issue taking place. AMLO is on the hot seat if this trade deal is not signed into law which rules state if congress fails to act the old 1974 NAFTA rules will kick in, which will be catastrophic for Democrats and plays right into Trump’s hands.

When will the failed stated of Mexico is expected? Within Trump’s next term, and action will be taken towards the last year of Trump in office.

Not gonna happen. Remember this:

I can’t believe that any man who has the power to do something about those bastards wouldn’t do something about them. The President is not just the most powerful man in the world, he is the most powerful man in history in terms of the destructive force he commands.

We got involved in every shitty guerrilla war in the 20th century, we supported the Contras and the Mujahideen, and for what? None of that was in our interest or even in our sphere of interest and now these savages are right at the border and we’re doing nothing?

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That doesn’t mean anything! You posting this nonsense is not seeing the bigger picture!

Trump folding like a cheap suit is not seeing the big picture? How did you arrive at that conclusion? Trump did his usual routine. Talk a big game and say all the right things, then tuck tail like a bitch and do nothing.


Thats is your opinion, and its based on a perspective that is on the surface only and you are simply either ignorant, misinformed of the facts that is going on behind the scenes or you are purposely ignoring them altogether. Thats my opinion!

Don’t get all down about this shit. Trump is just a worthless incompetent piece of shit with a crush on his daughter who cucks out on every single thing he says he’ll do and then pretends he did it or never said it, like every other boomer.

There’s not some grand plan of betrayal - this is just simply what boomers do. (I have a lot of experience with this.)

We all busted our asses and got an incompetent retard elected because he said the right things at the right time. And winning rigged, corrupt elections is a lot more difficult than other means of gaining power, including secession. I’ll vote for this cuck again because it will cause more rage on the left, not because he’s actually doing anything. Either Tucker will win in 2024 or there will be a very, very serious wake-up in American consciousness. There are millions who are on the fence about everything but still feel safe like nothing has changed since the 1960s - those boomers are rapidly being replaced by Zoomers, and a changing paradigm will emerge. It’s coming. Chin up.

@Dr_Manhattan - Trump isn’t going to do anything about the cartels. Screencap this and come back at the end of his presidency. Getting into a war in Mexico doesn’t serve the interests of the MIC, either. USMCA is a smokescreen for the same terms that NAFTA gave us. We don’t need to give Canada or Mexico a damn thing. We should have choked them out and rebuilt our manufacturing base. Fuck’em.

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I’m not sure I agree with this entirely, perhaps that’s just hyperbole on your part? IDK whatever, I won’t argue with you or defend him but I will defend myself and the rest of our people who support/supported him. It was the best move to make. Its just like in chess - not every move is a “good” move, some are simply less bad than others.

I’m all in favor of bombing mexico but I don’t have much faith that our military would accomplish anything. Not the best track record. Would kind of like to stick to the original plan of deporting all the beaners and walling them off. What happened to that plan? It was a good one.

I was one of his biggest supporters - I’m not attacking anybody over that. I’m just saying we should realize that we made one bad decision on the choice of a figurehead while the ENTIRE rest of our plans were successful. We’re a lot closer than we think.

Find a new figurehead and repeat.

Trump is a flaming dumpster and we have to keep pushing him down the street and into our enemies.

The trouble is now the MAGA types see him as infallible and he doesn’t even have to do really anything to win 2020. He has no one pushing him to the right and he is falling towards the center almost instinctively.

I regret the celebrating and taking a knee that I did after the election. That was the time to start fighting even harder.

As far as Mexico goes - I’m with the majority ITT so far - he won’t do anything. Trump just wants to ink the trade deal and do a press conference.

Well that’s certainly the truth…

True, the US is NOT going to war with Mexico.

What do you mean a lot closer? Who else took on or championed the causes that you and I believed in? Trump was the only one, and while it can be argued that he has not accomplished everything, he has done a lot that most of the main stream candidates he ran against would have failed.

You certainly don’t know that and this OP is based on 5 years out! Anything can happen between now and then, including you still being alive to spew your excrement on this site! :rofl:

Trump is just a figurehead and an ineffective one. As far as his accomplishments - I don’t worship at the altar of GDP and our GDP numbers aren’t stopping the illegals from pouring over the border. I don’t give a shit about the black unemployment rate either. That’s just pandering to get the blacks repeating it ahead of 2020. No different than Trump pandering to the Gays and selling rainbow MAGA hats on his site. Fuck that.

We championed those causes. It was all the ORIGINAL base. Not these Johnny Come Lately clowns that refuse to hold Trump accountable. The original base got thrown under the bus after Charlottesville.

So who is your next base candidate? Who do you want to support next? Make a case and change my mind!

Read my post. I will cast my vote for him again just to trigger the left, not because I think Trump has been effective (he’s been a beast for the Yids - props there for him and them I guess). He might regain my confidence if he actually lived up to his 2016 campaign messages, but I do not trust him to put America first.

Fair enough! My only argument in what you are saying, is that too much hope is placed on one person. There are too many chefs in the kitchen that influences a lot of what has happened that gives mixed reviews on Trump in general

He’s angry again because his candidate is going nowhere.

Until the cartel violence moves north of the border in a huge way there’s no way to get the political support necessary for a full scale war on them.

Sadly, close to half the country would rather surrender and end the WOD completely instead.

The cartel leaders realize this which is why they have kept their paramilitary operations in country. They realize that there would be an unstoppable overwhelming response from the US if it spreads north.

No, his “original base” was not the handful of wannabe Neo Nazis in this country. They were the unfortunate tag-a-longs.