The Next US War is in Mexico

And sometime it’s the lesser of 2 evils.

As I pointed out to a whole lot of folks talking about voting 3rd party as a “protest vote”, we all know there really are only two choices and in 2016 that boiled down to Trump and Clinton.

Not the choices I wanted but that’s what we had.

Seems a lot of awakening going on…

Probably far more than any democrat who are all on a course to flood the US will illegals and economic asylum sellers.


It’s pretty telling that none of the Democratic candidates even pretends to take an anti illegal position/platform.

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Yeah! Unlike the partisan BS you love to propagate here on a regular basis!

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The cartels are Mexico’s problem. We should give them whatever help they need or want .We can’t solve their government corruption problem. If they massively step 1inch across the border, they should be blown into the next century.
Trump can’t get anything meaningful done in the House because the Quasi Dems (Socialist and or Communists) hold a voting majority. Unfortunately they believe they also conduct foreign policy.
His son Eric would be a good candidate in 2020 after his fathers 2nd term.