The New York Times Trump Tax Return Revelations

So much to digest here, but I think that a number of people are in serious legal jeopardy.

What is interesting me is how he can claim so many expenses of his businesses as deductions against his personal income. I have done that because my business was a sole proprietorship, but I don’t think that is what is going on here…

I see a lot of people potentially in serious legal trouble if the records of these expenses cannot be verified and that extends to the businesses that he claimed those expenses against.

This is enormous…


So one of the following things HAS to be true:

  1. Trump is a massive crook, con artist, and tax cheat
  2. Trump is the worst businessman in the United States.

Both CAN be true, but the NYT data makes both being untrue an impossibility. It’s funny to note that the latter is basically what Trump’s attorneys are telling the IRS.

No one is going to care that Trump had good accounts execute the best tax avoidance strategy possible.


What I find the most endearing is Democrats and their hacks cry foul over Trumps taxes but are completely silent on Hunter Biden’s graft in foreign countries and his fathers 40 year failed policies along with excessive corruption. Hypocrisy so it appears is a badge of honour that is chalked up to politics. I Guess they feel exempt from such criticisms huh?

Do you all think that Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton pay taxes?


Won’t move the needle for his supporters, They’ll admire him for being able to cheat on his taxes and wish they could do the same.

At this point in the election cycle most voters leaning are baked in, it’ll all come down to how ballots are mailed/counted in a few swing states and how effective voter intimidation efforts will be.

Exactly how claiming businesses losses, massive losses a tax cheat???

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Exactly how did he cheat on his taxes???

Let’s see the proof.

Clearly you know nothing about taxes or our taxation system.

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What we have here is a double standard. If any Democrat pulled anything like this…nearly everyone here would be foaming at the mouth demanding that they be locked up. But because it was your guy doing it you are fine with it.

Yeah! You mean by your Marxists brown shirt friends in the BLM and ANTIFA? Yep! Gotcha!

WTF are you talking about? Are you really that retarded or are you just being purposely obtuse?

Seriously! I swear you sound like someone who is mentally debilitated due to ingesting too many lead based paint chips when they were a child. :rofl:

Democrats are the epitome of corruption, just ask Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, and few others who have been recently indicted and convicted for corruption and bribery.

Doing what???

How many people pay no taxes in this country???

How many people lost a ton of money in 2008/09 and deducted the losses from their income taxes???

How many people walked away from a mortgage and paid no taxes on the gain???

Such hypocrisy from the left.

And he’s not my guy nor is Biden however as he’s the lesser of stupid I may vote for him. But then again I may skip it as I live in on of these horrible red states and h will win in a landslide…

This is pretty hilarious! Watching the Marxist democrats obsess about Trumps taxes, is nothing more than a diversionary tactic from looking at or talking about their failures. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :blossom:

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No one is going to talk about the legality of this “expose”? This implies that you can just release sensitive, personal documents of a political target like that. Go to the street and ask any stranger to show you their tax return and tell me the reaction they’ll give you.

But hey, I dont expect communists to understand privacy or how the taxation system work. Take an accounting class, or talk to your accountant. This is what millions of Americans do during tax season, to see how much they can deduct from their taxable incomes so they pay less tax. This is how the man uses debt to leverage his business. Not a secret, you all can read about it here

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And no one is going to talk about this, of course

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Oh and its getting much worse for the Bidens. Good ole Joe says he had no idea what Hunter was up to when it came to deals in China and Ukraine. Hmm hmm. Yeah right! (sarcasm)


Pulled anything like what? There is no rule or law or anything that says anybody has to show anybody their tax returns.

So what is it exactly that is being “pulled” you imbecile?

No there’s not. You just want to stick your nose into someone’s private business where it does not belong because you want to avoid that fact that Democrats are the party of infanticide, socialism, government control, smashing Free Speech rights, giving free stuff to illegal aliens, and now they are the party of mobs in the streets burning and destroying cities. See the burning cities and torn down statues, and you see the democrat party world. Mobs.

Republicans are the party of Traditional Values, Liberty and freedom. Donald Trump gave us the lowest unemployment rates since John F Kennedy until the virus hit, and now Democrats are trying to keep the virus going because they are so evil they are happy to destroy the economy simply to defeat Trump.

The OP sure isn’t.

Wallace better do his job at the debate and corner the bastard on this sort of stuff.

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There really is a fishy smell concerning the release of these tax returns.(1) As a result of President Nixon´s dirty tricks ie the terrorist treat of a punitive tax audit on his political enemies, congress soon there after passed extreme privacy laws and objective criteria for a tax audit. SO how did the NYT get these returns?
(2) Mr. Trump and his enterprise have been subject to a persistent audit. All billionaires are subject to this procedure and in fact blue chip corporations routinely have an annex office where the IRS monitors and accounts on a daily bases.
(3) Is Mr. Trump guilty simply because he took constructive advantage of preexisting tax laws? Then the remedy is for congress to change the laws.
Mr. Trump is going to be reelected by a landslide, and leftist know it!

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