The NBA is a Disgrace

No words are needed on my part as this is self explanatory. The Houston Rockets are now pandering to Communist China! WTF? I am not a basketball fan, but the sport was invented in America, and the idea of China reappropriated American culture and making it their own creates a level of resentment as an American. If you support this, then you are a traitor! Hey libs ! Talking to you!

This pisses me off!

It’s all about the Benjamins…sad.

If China declared war on the US half of this country would wave the white flag.

Its the other half that they worry most about! The half that would surrender would most likely be liberals gays, muslims and they would be happy squatting at a FEMA camp nearest to them!

It’s too be expected. They are only woke for woke points. They don’t really care about activism or what’s right.

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Does anyone watch the NBA anymore? I think I stopped watching when Larry Bird quit playing. It’s been nothing but trash and garbage for the past 20 years. All I know is these coaches are constantly ripping Trump but will go get on their knees the minute their Chinese bosses tell them to. They are good little lap dogs and I have no respect for them.


That is pretty much how I see it too. I use to watch when the Pistons and the Knicks were on the their runs in 90’. The Knicks and Houston Rockets final when the famous OJ freeway Chase happened was the last time I watch anything basketball! The entire league has become a SJW BS movement!

In the past week Apple, Blizzard, and the NBA have all bent the knee to Chinese Communists for the sake of money and political correctness.

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Well the money part is the crutch to all of this. For the NBA, it is getting worse.

However, things are about to get a lot worse for US companies who refuse to diversify their dealings with China. The problem is, when you plant your trees in another mans orchard, you sometimes wind up paying for the apples too.

The retards at the NBA did it again. This time in Washington DC of all places.


The NBA is last years NFL circling the drain.

They actually took the signs while the friggin anthem was playing. You can’t make this shit up.

That is pretty crazy. Since when did the NBA started playing Chinese teams? Is this a exhibition game?

I haven’t been following NBA for a few years. I had some bad bets and walked away. I was flipping through the channels and saw the Wizards vs the Long Lions and was like…WTF?

Ok, Just learned they were exhibition games. I was like WTF! When did this happen. Anyway, interesting development in China where NBA teams who are visiting China for Exhibition open practice was shut down.

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Professional basketball has turned into nothing but ghetto showboating. The game isn’t even played anymore. It’s like one giant slam dunk contest since walks never get called. Add in this China situation, with the most ghetto athletes out there, plus far left wing socialist coaches that never shut the fuck up and you come up with the National Basketball Association. I hope it crashes and burns.

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Instead of talking about problems why don’t we talk about solutions? If we want to solve the NBA problem and the North Korea problem all we have to do is give them famous basketball players for the North Korean nukes. Fat Boy is obsessed with basketball and this is a very cheap price…why not send the whole NBA to North Korea? It will be a Win-Win deal.

Now they are ejecting fans for free speech! Pathetic!