The myth of slavery and reparations

Only 1.6% of US Citizens Owned Slaves In 1860. We Ran the Numbers , some were BLACK OWNERS .

The actual percentage reported in these memes varies, Snopes has observed, from 1.3 percent to the present 1.6 percent. As Snopes reported in August 2019, the statistic to which these memes refer is most accurately conveyed as 1.4 percent.

The earliest instance of the 1.4 percent version entering the digital lexicon with the purpose of minimizing white culpability for slavery appears to be a 2005 article on Vice titled “Hey Kids … It’s Time For Some Dumb Myths And Smart Facts About Slavery!” which opens with this premise:

If you’re white like Uncle Jim, your teachers will try to convince you that you’re responsible … for a bunch of bad, bad things that happened a long, long time ago. If you’re a black schoolchild, I’m sure your parents will have plenty of excuses for why your ancestors were enslaved.

But chances are that you’re white — at least for the next generation or two, those are the chances — so I’ve collected a bunch of DUMB MYTHS and SMART FACTS about slavery that you can use to clown your teachers and everyone else at school!

One of those “smart facts” was the claim phrased in much the same way the viral memes currently make use of it over a decade later:

At the peak of black slavery in the South, only 6 percent of Southern whites owned slaves. If you include the white people in the North, it means that only 1.4 percent of white Americans owned black slaves at the HEIGHT of slavery.

It is unclear how the number has shifted between 1.3 and 1.6 percent over time, but the actual number doesn’t really matter. The point, these memes argue, is that the number is small, and therefore Black people should not hold animus toward White people for the crimes of their ancestors. The message stays the same, even when the numbers do not.

The year 1860 was a census year. Officials collected detailed information on slave ownership and distribution in the Southern states, and this data, while far from perfect, is likely the most reliable source of information for the state of slavery directly preceding the Civil War.

Among the data collected were the total population of each state — both free and enslaved — as well as family and household statistics. These data can be found in the state-level population reports for 1860 published by the U.S. Census Bureau. Another set of relevant data concerns slave ownership. A table for each slave state documenting the number of slaves and slave owners is found beginning on page 223 of the 1860 Census report “Agriculture of the United States in 1860.”

The Civil War Home Page has collated this info into a single table that is often cited to help address the question of what percentage of whites owned slaves at the peak of slavery. A portion of that information is presented below:

1860 Census

Total Population #### 31,183,582

Total No. of Slaves #### 3,950,528

No. of Families #### 5,155,608

Total Free Population #### 27,233,198

Total No. of Slaveholders #### 393,975

Slaves as a Percent of the Population #### 13%

The number 1.4% is likely derived by taking the number of “slaveholders” (393,975) as a fraction of the “total free population” (27,233,198), which yields 1.4%. For several reasons enumerated below, that number grossly downplays the number of whites who were involved and who benefited directly from slavery.

By 1860, 20 out of the United States’ 35 states had outlawed slavery. Each of those 20 states recorded 0% of slave-owning families in the 1860 census. Memes such as the one under discussion, which include the states where slavery had already been outlawed, dilute the significance of slavery in those remaining states where individuals were not legally banned from the practice. In those states, the number ranged from 3 percent to just shy of 50%:

#### 1860 Census #### Families Owning Slaves (%)
#### Delaware #### 3
#### Maryland #### 12
#### Missouri #### 13
#### Arkansas #### 20
#### Kentucky #### 23
#### Tennessee #### 25
#### Virginia #### 26
#### North Carolina #### 28
#### Texas #### 28
#### Louisiana #### 29
#### Florida #### 34
#### Alabama #### 35
#### Georgia #### 37
#### South Carolina #### 46
#### Mississippi #### 49

All but five of those states contained at least 25% of the families as slaveholders — some nearly double that. As pointed out by Jamelle Bouie and Rebecca Onion in a 2015 Slate article, these numbers are “roughly the same percentage of Americans who, today, hold a college degree.” This number is far from insignificant, even working from the flawed assumption that only people who directly owned slaves were responsible for the institution’s survival into the 1860s.



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The invisible slavery of European Christians deserves more attention from scholars.
“We have lost the sense of how large enslavement could loom for those who lived around the Mediterranean and the threat they were under,” he said. “Slaves were still slaves, whether they are black or white, and whether they suffered in America or North Africa.”
Many different types of white people were enslaved. On the European continent under feudalism, there were various forms of status applying to people (such as serf, bordar, villein, vagabond, and slave) who were indentured or forced to labor without pay.

During the Arab slave trade, Europeans were among those traded by the Arabs.[1] The term Saqaliba (Arabic: صقالبة) was often used in medieval Arabic sources to refer specifically to Slavic slaves traded by the Arab traders, but it could also refer more broadly to Central, Southern, and Eastern Europeans who were also traded by the Arabs, as well as all European slaves in some Muslim regions like Spain including those abducted from raids on Christian kingdoms of Spain.[2][3] During the era of the Fatimid Caliphate (909–1171), the majority of slaves were Europeans taken along European beaches and during conflicts.[1] Similarly, the Ottoman slave trade that included European captives was often fueled by raids into European territories or were taken as children in the form of a blood tax from the families of citizens of conquered territories to serve the empire for a variety of functions.[4] In the mid-19th century, the term ‘white slavery’ was used to describe the Christian slaves that were sold into the Barbary slave trade.

The Khazars in the 6th century crossed the Volga into what is today southern Russia and Ukraine. The Khazars were a branch of the great Gok-Turk Empire(s), originating in northern China and expanding into Central Asia, were East Asians.

The Khazars were notorious slave traders and they made excusions into Slavic lands to “hunt for” Slavs to sell them as slaves as the Slavs, ancestors of the Russians and Ukrainians, did not have a country/government of their own and were militarily very weak.

The Khazars converted to Judaism in the 8th-9th centuries and BECAME Ashkenazi Joos, but they continued the very lucrative, ancestral practice of slave trade. Even after their homeland, Khazaria, went under and the Khazars spread into western Europe, the Khazars trades in slaves from black Africa and brought them to North and South America.

If the blacks really want reparations — assuming they have the right to do so — they should seek such compensation from Joos.

Only 1.3% were slaves and ONLY 1.4 % WHITE Americans owned slaves and they have been long DEAD now . It was a democrat thing to own slaves so let the DNC pay any reparations to the grave sites !!!


Any African American descendant from slaves asking for reparations you guys should work out how much money their family have had in government spending and if they are now not in debt to the American taxpayer they should be given some money under the agreement they must return to Africa and they know any of their future relatives are allowed to return for at least 150 years

The majority of the blacks in America asked me for money have probably been living on government handouts for multiple Generations now

Guarantee you doing this would be cheaper considering how much money they cost you in crime going to jail and government handouts also they damage culture and drastically reduce the overall IQ of America

And they keep begging for help please allow us into college even though we are under qualified let us have jobs we are under qualified for please give us housing we can’t afford the house ourselves please give ourselves care we can’t afford health care under the current system please give us food stamps we can’t afford food or how about you guys fuck off back to Africa maybe you’ll be happy with your own people

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Same ideas that Joos want money from Germany for what we call holo-hoax.
After the “survivors” died, then you have children of the survivors… and so on.

East Germany didn’t pay a cent, saying the holocaust never took place, which is correct.

Okay… I have to ask/know… How was it a hoax? How was something of that magnitude pulled off so that the entire world believes it happened? How does the technology of the day allow for the pictures/videos of the dead being thrown into giant open graves and bulldozed over to be “photo shopped”???

I’m not being a dick. I truly want to know how the Holocaust was faked, as you say. Please… enlighten me, because I can’t fathom how this was pulled off it it’s true.

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Power of the Jooish mainstream as well as Jooish money power to influence governments.

Many died of infectious diseases, mostly typhus, and the bodies had to be buried immediately.
Typhus spreads by lice and tick bites and the Germans had to disinfect the clothes, bed sheets, etc. with Zyklon B which is an agricultural chemical and kills insects but not humans. (Germany did not possess DDT)

On this site, we had serious discussions, if you can go back to year 2000.

Red Cross says only 270,000 died (which consist of all European nationalities and POWs)

There has to be more than that. It’s been 80 years and the there is no way a ruse of that magnitude could stand. I’m sorry, I’m just not buying this “holohoax” thing without some concrete evidence to the contrary.


There is no concrete evidence for holohoax. For example, Auschwitz “gas chambers” were constructed after the war by Polish workers. (Aerial photographs during WWII show there were no holes on the roof through which Germans supposed threw in Zyklon B — not potent enough to kill people.) The Poles hit a steel beam and stopped drilling.

There were not six million Joos in German-occupied parts of Europe. (Six million is a cabbalistic number which had been occurring since the end of the 19th century).

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them

Who are you gonna believe? Liars who bomb and kill women and children (and aid workers) by the hundreds every day?

The same liars who brought slaves from Africa to America and blame the whites?

Exactly. That means your opinion is just that… your opinion. I’m not saying you are wrong. I’m saying that without concrete evidence to the contrary, what you say is nothing more than a “conspiracy theory”… among many.

Holohoax hoax is a conspiracy theory without any evidence whatsoever. Just a lot of hearsay from Joos who gained a lot of money paid by Germans by affirming this fake narrative.

No gas chambers.
No matching numbers.

(OK. Crematorium. Where I live, there are at least three crematoria: one to the east, two to the north, within 10 miles radius. So I guess I live in an extermination camp.)

None of the survivors with the tats on their arms are real either… or, the stories they tell/told are true, either… of course???

I understand how you feel about the J ews. I just don’t/can’t understand how such feelings run so deep that you honestly believe what you say.

Please, don’t think that I don’t respect you as a poster on here… I do. I just can’t get behind this particular issue that you hold so close.

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Tattoos on the arm are passports of sorts at a time of war and confusion.
Germans wanted to make sure Joos survive and make it to Palestine. That’s their “final solution.”

If Germans were going to “exterminate” Joos, why bother tattooing them?

Common sense is underestimated.

Because understanding this issue is vital for the survival of humanity. (I don’t care much about my own “nationality.”)

I have often wondered that myself.

I’m not discounting anything you’ve said. I’m learning different points of view. You post some thought provoking things that definitely run contrary to what is mainstream belief.

Can you give me some links to read that aren’t blatant antisemitic… just food for thought type of stuff?

In government assistance and repay that amount . 99% were receiving money it was their calling to alway have their hand out !!!

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It 100% happened the people saying it didn’t happen and concentration camps actually had brothels karaoke bands and swimming pools are obviously completely misinformed however the numbers do look to high to me 13 million in total seems toany given the technology at the time and just timescale someone done the mathematics and it’s basically impossible for it to have actually been 13 million

Also with the why tattoo people you’re planning to kill part if you’re planning a genocide you probably don’t want to leave a paper Trail so the easiest way is to put the paper trail on the individual and when you putting them into the oven you’ll get rid of the paperwork and the human being which is basically all of the evidence

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There is a funny video online of a so-called Survivor being caught down to rights but he was lying he’d obviously been receiving compensation and didn’t receive any repercussions for lying because it was real to him

I do wonder whether he didn’t have any tattoos of his time in the concentration camp or if he got counterfeit tattoos either way it’s a funny little story thier is a video of it floating around somewhere

British historian David Irving.
American thinker Eustace Mullins.
(I forgot to mention he’s the first author/researcher who exposed that the Fed is a PRIVATE bank, the fact that everybody knows now.)

If you can find material from Pastor Texe Marrs: his website is on. He recorded many YouTube videos too.
Or simply you can go to gab com : there is a lot of BS but serious posts as well.