The most shocking police death cover up, is about to break!

Cop was found dead, in the snow, bloodied, black and blue, lacerations on his arm. After investigating the police decided to charge the girlfriend with homicide. Saying she backed her car over her boy friend, killing him. As she was drunk. And she might have believed she did it, Until a request for Apple Watch data was released.
Revealing the biggest cop murder cover up maybe ever.

The family has been contacting TB … and they ain’t happy

This is insane!

Norfolk County DA Says He Will Continue Prosecution Of Innocent Woman Karen Read, Cell Phone Records Indicate John O’Keefe Died From Being Thrown Down Stairs At 12:25 AM

One of the craziest stories you will read.


Multiple Witnesses In Home Where John O’Keefe Was Killed Subpoenaed By Federal Grand Jury, FBI Visits Homes, Basement Floor Reportedly Replaced

I predict some arrest warrants coming very soon in the block buster case.

Wow this turtle boy is a great journalist

More developments




Going to be huge could have arrest warrants for 7 individuals in the next 48 hours

And freeing a innocent woman Karen Read

I think the dog is still alive, but the floor is definitely buried in there

So I went to the trial yesterday, if you watched to stream you saw me.
But the Boston cops that showed up in support for the prosecution of this poor woman makes me sick.

There is So much to talk about I’ll have a live stream later today.

I hope you guys are following this story. And when it breaks you can tell your friends Jitss sent you.

Give it a go

So apparently I’m getting involved in this case with out trying.

I went to the courthouse as you all know. I took some pics inside, and was apprehended by a court officer. He told me to delete the pics!
So I deleted all but one.

My pic caught a main player in the case, I posted the picture anonymously. Karen Reads best friend called me. I’ll have more later …

So I talked to Karen Reads best friend, apparently the Feds are involved. Looks like we might have a flip very soon…

I hear chatter the fbi is in canton

We have put together PDF’s to all the relevant court filings pertaining to the Karen Read murder case. We will be updating this blog periodically as the case moves forward: . Canton Cover-Up Part 26: Links To All Chronological Court Filings In Karen Read Murder Case - TB Daily News