The Most Outrageous Story of The Week - Illegal Alien Gets Cash Settlement for Being Detained

The protestations from people here about immigration and Sanctuary cities is legitimized even more when stories like these surfaces where Tax payers are forced to pay for housing and other costs of living because lawyers working pro bono win their case based on a constitutional premise. No where could this happen but in the state of California! It appears Judicial Watch is the only one willing to do the work that Government and political leaders either refuse and are purposely ignoring to do.

In the latest example of sanctuary madness, a U.S. city is awarding an illegal immigrant with a cash settlement because police detained him for federal authorities after being arrested for driving under the influence. The 29-year-old perpetrator, Edgar Torres Gutierrez, eventually pled guilty to a lesser charge of reckless driving and his pro bono attorneys from a nearby public university sued the city for violating his Constitutional rights as well as a statewide sanctuary law. Under the agreement, Gutierrez will receive $18,750 from taxpayers in the California coastal municipality where he lives illegally. Local police officers will also be forced to watch a training video involving sanctuary measures for the next two years.

Even for a famously liberal state this seems to be a bit much. The unbelievable incident occurred in Laguna Beach, a southern California town of about 23,000 residents. In the summer of 2018, Gutierrez was arrested and jailed by Laguna Beach Police on suspicion of driving under the influence. The law enforcement agency held him at the request of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) so the feds could take custody. In all, Gutierrez spent around 15 hours in Laguna Beach Police custody and several more hours in a Los Angeles immigrant detention facility, according to a local news report. Apparently, Gutierrez wasn’t deported because he is protected by an Obama-era amnesty program, known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) that temporarily shields illegal immigrants that came to the U.S. as children. Government figures show that more than100,000 illegal immigrants who have requested DACA have serious criminal histories that include murder, rape and assault charges.

This country has become a complete joke.


This is the continuation of legal anarchy with illegals that haven’t a right to be here when they step on U.S. soil and I know he is a DACA protected by our 1st MULATTO president.

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I break my ass 6 days a week at a shipyard so my money can just get handed out to lawbreakers! WTF!


There should be a sanctuary for us taxpayers who are fuked into paying for this rediculous shit.


Seriously man. I read shit like this and I get so damn pissed off. No other country on Earth would treat foreigners better than their own people. It’s disgusting.

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This country will get back on the right track when these criminals start catching good old fashioned beatdowns while they are getting booted out of this country.

“What we did for California we’ll do to all of America-Vote Democrat in 2020”.

Catchy, ain’t it?

Democrats win and this too will soon be coming to a community near you.

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No, not lawbreakers, “Future Democratic Voters”, bought, paid for, signed, sealed and delivered.

It is more or less California waving the red flag in front of the Bull taunting it to do something.

Or waving the bull*** in front of the Flag. :us:

Well it’s interchangeable and the results are still the same! The point is this should not be tolerated where tax payers are being burden with this crap. and if tax payers such as yourSelf want to bend over and be on the receiving end of a slip n slide then you will have no one to blame but your self!

That’s just it, democrats don’t consider them illegals, just future democratic voters.

Yeah! That is bull crap!

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But entirely true. …

Problem is, the voters of those states that do crap like this (Calif, NJ, NY, Mass, etc.) seem to want to bend over and be on the receiving end. And the sad part is that Calif, in particular, seems to become the model that the rest of the nation somehow adopts.

And somehow the rest of the nation – that would tell us they do NOT want this crap – doesn’t notice the boiling frog principle that allows this crap to ooze upon them.

It’s going to take some cataclysm to be the wake-up call for the rest of the nation. It will be something never seen in the history of this nation. That’s what it’s going to take.

There will come a point when they are no longer willing to tolerate it and when we get there, all hell will break loose.

Working minorities don’t want to finance that kind of crap with their hard earned tax dollars anymore than we do.

How are the people of California not absolutely disgusted with their lawmakers and the fact that they’re harder and tax dollars that get taken out of their paycheck every two weeks are getting funneled into the pockets of illegal aliens! Are they all friggin brain dead?

At the rate California is going the only people who are going to be living there are foreigners, homeless, and the left elite. Let them have each other.

They are. That’s why Newsome and his cronies are hell bent on a federal bail out and keep promising same to their constituents.

If Trump wins and they fail to get complete control of congress California is likely to melt down before 2024.

Revolutions are born of starving, hopeless populations that are fed up with gov’t lying our it’s ass promising solutions that never materialize.