The lies we have heard from the media

Just some things I had read about and made note of.

Looks like a trend in over reach.

We have kind of lost our way in government over reach.

My orthopedic surgeon and the entire offie staff has been unemployed when they shut down their office and all surgery as un necessary.

The governors office suggested the medical staff volunteer to take care of COVID patients. Kind of funny when you think about it and realize they know nothing about COVID and caring for them.

My idiot Dem Governor is being sued by doctors in my city for putting a ban on any hq treatment of covid19 unless the patient is hospitalized when we know at that point the hq treatment is not very effective, he is such an incompetent ass, :angry:


How is it they are elected and re-elected time after time.

The actions taken by governors across the nations should be a wake up call to the voters yet the voters have their heads in the sand.


Anything not directly related to the Chinese virus is considered nonessential making it unavailable. Besides, who wants to expose themselves to the concentration of virus at hospitals and clinics.

I don’t have the numbers for tax revenue from elective surgery like RK or breast augmentation but I’ll venture it’s nothing close to liquor and POT. :wink:

Abortion mills have a very powerful lobby supporting them.

Ironically, Mr. Obama attacked Mr. Trump in his speech for dividing Americans at the same time Mr. Obama is claiming that Mr. Trump can’t criticize Nazi sympathizers. Has Mr. Trump called Democrats anything similar? In Mr. Obama’s Nelson Mandela Lecture in July, Mr. Obama at least implicitly went after Mr. Trump with talk of “rabid nationalism and xenophobia and doctrines of tribal, racial, or religious superiority” and “right-wing billionaires.”



“China travel ban is xenophobic”


The Left’s moto when it comes to Trump: it is easier to be critical than to be wrong, even when they are critical about the wrong thing, i.e. “what should we call this virus so that we don’t hurt feelings”.

Trump and co. were the first to act, and implement any sort of travel restrictions from China (and later Europe), which would be the largest source of the Wu Flu spread, in late January. And what did democrats do? They were up in arm calling it “xenophobic”, while encouraging people to “carry on with their life” and attend various Chinese events and locations.

Information changed, yes, but don’t be intellectually dishonest and tout the “I told you so” when what was told by the likes of Biden and Pelosi was in fact deadly and gravely ignorant. You don’t get to play the historical revisionist when the events and information are not even half a year old, and a lot of people are catching on with the lies and deceptions. Just in time for the election.


Bullshit . Who determines what is nonessential ? We have endured enough already , now it’s a matter of commonsense . There are whole floors in hospitals that are empty , some hospitals are laying off staff WTF

Tens of thousands of health care workers across the United States are going without pay today, even as providers in the nation’s hot spots struggle to contain the coronavirus pandemic

An anxious ER nurse in Los Angeles took to Facebook recently to ask whether any of her colleagues nationwide were experiencing layoffs because hospital emergency rooms are virtually empty

Tens of thousands of health care workers across the United States are going without pay today. Those hospitals have resorted to unprecedented levels of furloughs to stave off temporary budget shortfalls, but industry and economic trends point to more lasting outcomes unless immediate action is taken.

It’s not surprising, then, that the industry shed a record 43,000 health care workers in the first month of this crisis. Experts expect equal or greater layoffs this month, when the sustained forbearance has made revenue even more urgent.


State government is the organization establishing the outrageous rules.

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Of course he is, just dishonest with it. Imagine the length of an op to a thread that chronicled the amount of lies that Trump has told Americans concerning CV19.

Btw, there was no “ban” on travel to and from China, there were restrictions…

And it was such a pleasant place with your absence.

Troll on.


Well , well ,well Jim asscosta monte is back and surprise, surprise, Trump ,Trump ,Trump , I just hope the next 4 years 8 months you get help for that awful case of TDS . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Sorry, I didn’t make it clear. The statement was intended to convey policy not agreement.

Any comment on tax revenue driving the decision to keep liquor stores and pot shops open but close churches?

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For the past few months, this has been the Democrat’s “Dream Come True” moment. They have been waiting for this for a very long time. To be able to control the media. As well, as the general public.

First, you have to insert Fear. Then you cause a “crisis” to promote the fear. And that is when the media comes into play.
Once you do that, you are able to shut down everything, because you “feel it’s actually necessary”. When in reality, it isn’t. You get to shut down the local and state economy. And before you know it, you have the entire country shutting down.

This has been the Democrat’s play book all along. Because, they don’t care about the economy. They just care that you “obey to their rules”. Because, in the long run, they can say they were “doing something”. That they were “doing the right thing”.

And has been where we are today.

We have liquor stores and hair salons open. But churches and few other place are still remain on “lockdown”.

Once you attack the First Amendment, you can attack the Second and the Third…and so on.

But at the same time, they are letting prisoners out into the general public. And delaying the Death Penalty all in the name of “Good will”.

Huh? :roll_eyes:


There are 11 times more babies killed by abortion than those that died from Covid 19 in the USA . Less than 0.003 contract the virus and less than 0.0017 die from it . 10 times as many die from heart attacks , again ENOUGH !!!

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Amen to that brother . Since when do we trust the media , they are the engine that drives the deep state !!!


Back in the days, we relied on the media for “information”. Now, it’s just a bunch of disinformation. You pretty much have to take it with a grain of salt. You can’t just believe everything you read or hear. Especially, on the internet. Of course, you knew that. :rofl:

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Have you noticed lately that each of the giant Silicon Valley social media platforms have censored anything that exposes the left?

They refuse to print or allow members to refer to anything that refers to presidential candidate Joe Biden’s sexual assault on staff member Tara Reade.

They are blocking all mentions of the End the Shelter In Place movement.

They are blocking all stories about Democrats blocking vital funding to small businesses .


Most of the companies are either run by the CHICOMs or they have huge stakes in their stocks. Which means, they all hate Trump! And they don’t want to sacrifice their losses on their stocks if they were Pro-Trump.

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At on time the media reported the news, today they tell you how to think about the news, interpretation is everything.