The lies we have heard from the media

Where did the virus come from?
A Chinese “wet market.”
A Chinese level-four biological lab.
The U.S. Army

How contagious is it?
Not very.
Prolonged, close-range contact is necessary.
You can get it by touching a doorknob that an infected person has touched.
You can get it by walking past an infected person and breathing the air around him.

How dangerous is it?
Less dangerous than the seasonal flu, especially if you are under eighty and in good health.
Much more dangerous than the seasonal flu.
Unless drastic measures are taken, 2.2 million will die in the United States alone. Even with drastic measures, expect 100,000 to 240,000 fatalities.

The U.S. healthcare system will be overwhelmed.
Patients will be stacked up like cordwood in hospital corridors waiting for ventilators that do not exist.
It is an event “unprecedented” in our history, a “war” against an invisible but insidious pathogen that requires total mobilization.

What was to have been one of the “worst weeks in U.S.history” has passed with good news:
there have been fewer hospitalizations than predicted as well as a leveling off of fatalities.
New York State predicted it would need 140,000 hospital beds to deal with the onslaught.
The number is about 18,500. A few weeks ago, Governor Cuomo said he would need “30,000” ventilators.
He didn’t, and he is now actually giving some away to neighboring states.

And how did politicians react:
One is not allowed to appear in public unsheathed with mask and gloves.
Sales of hand sanitizer have soared.
One governor banned gatherings of any size in any place and forbade people to travel between their own residences.
One place a young man who dared to board a bus without a mask found himself beset by no fewer than seven policemen who dragged him from the conveyance. In Raleigh, North Carolina, a group of citizens gathered to protest an executive order issued by the governor. Local police ordered the protestors to disperse, claiming that “Protesting is a non essential act.

The First Amendment was unavailable for comment.

A 33-year-old says he was handcuffed at Donelson Park in front of his 6-year-old daughter Sunday afternoon after police told him he violated the state’s social distancing guidelines. He refused to provide his identification to three police officers because he was confident he wasn’t doing anything unlawful by playing tee-ball with his wife and daughter at the park.-essential activity.”

Mean while back at the ranch the madness continues with talk of a 5th stimulus package when the current money allocated hasn’t been spent and we begin reopening the businesses closed by government.

Feel free to post your most outrageous government over reach stories here.

Is it practicing “social” (or is it “anti-social”?) distancing?

The President of the United States banned foreign nationals from coming into the United States from China. This was proclaimed by the left as a “xenophobic,” a “racist” overreaction.
Today, his decision was declared to have been too little too late.


I think, given the information we had at the time, we acted in the best interests of this country and its citizens.

Hindsight is 20/20.

Let’s move forward given the information we have now and build our economy into a force to be reckoned with.

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The point is the over reaction, mis information the media dumps on us daily.

Pick a topic, any topic and the lies are there for all to read. If the lies are liked they are repeated over and ver again.

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A deep dive into Twitter shows that false news was re-tweeted more often than true news was, and carried further.

“Falsehood diffused significantly farther, faster, deeper, and more broadly than the truth in all categories of information, and the effects were more pronounced for false political news than for false news about terrorism, natural disasters, science, urban legends, or financial information,” the team, led bySinan Aral of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,wrote in the journal Science.

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I suppose you aren’t familiar with the concept of information changing and gradually refining as understanding of the nuances associated with a complex issue matures.

Furthermore, since you aren’t the author of this masterstroke of poorly formatted genius, I’m sure the community would greatly appreciate a link to the source for further consideration.

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I don’t dive into Twitter, tweets or re-tweets.

Which is the reason why for the above response :wink:


Not a word about churches shuttered by imperial decree while liquor stores and pot shops are designated as essential. Churches don’t produce tax revenue but liquor and pot sales do. So much for public health being the primary concern. :flushed:

It’s not unreasonable to require passengers on a public conveyance to wear masks. There is no question a mask, even a bandana, reduces aerosol droplets. In a closed environment like a bus or train one person deciding they don’t want to wear a mask nullifies the benefit for everyone.

The police exercised restraint when they removed a passenger for refusing to wear a mask. There was ample justification to arrest the would be passenger but the police left him on the sidewalk to continue his trip, just not on the bus. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hoverer Quomo says that the virus has caused a surge in alcoholism because alcohol sales have increased over 100%

Does this mean that diarrhea has surged because toilet paper sales have caused empty shelves of all paper products?

No! It simply means people are hoarding toilet paper.

Does the exponential rise in alcohol sales mean a proportional increase in alcoholism?

No! It means people are hoarding alcohol and reducing the number of trips they have to make to continue their normal drinking habits. Bars are closed so increases in sales at liquor stores should be expected.

While I do agree with your assessment concerning alcohol sales, it’s foolish to suggest that drinking isn’t on the rise as a result of this crisis.

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I agree alcohol consumption has increased because people are spending time at home where they are free to drink it at will as opposed to time at work where they may anxiously await a trip to the bar for happy hour drinks.

That still does not translate to an increase in alcoholism. Even a rise in drinking by those not already alcoholics or inclined to become alcoholics does not translate to a rise in alcoholism. It is merely a temporary increase in consumption.

I’ve been semi-retired and working from home for several years now. I drink alcohol a lot less than I did before, even though I have several bottles here at all times.

As a matter of fact, you’ve encouraged me to have a glass of wine…and it’s only just past noon here. I don’t have to wait until five! :wine_glass:


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It’s the way the left operates Bullshit , lies , and never-ending 180’s .

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NY has been placing covid 19 infected in NURSING HOMES ! WTF

All the medical expert projection models were wrong! The primary reason for shutting down the country was to prevent an overrun on our hospitals which never happened!

And it’s certainly visible in many towns, including mine, that see empty hospital parking lots where there is literally nobody around, no sick people, no doctors, no ambulances, nurses or medical staff and it’s eerie! And of course we know the field hospitals and hospital ship’s that made national news were not needed at all. Although the virus is real, the rest was all just a fear mongering hoax on the nation.

Sadly it prevented the USA from providing help to other countries who did experience a collapse of their medical care systems. We are helping countries like Italy now but if we hadn’t panicked we could have offered help much sooner.

Not to mention people sitting at home get bored easily and head for the alcohol and POT.


empty hospital parking lots where there is literally nobody around, no sick people, no doctors, no ambulances, nurses or medical staff and it’s eerie!

No elective surgery is killing the hospitals as revenues ar down.

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LOL, yeah refining the faulty models from 100-2.25 million US deaths to 100 or 200K deaths to maybe 60K.

Need a link or can you look it up yourself?

Need a link for the dems calling Trump racist when he stopped travel from China? And of course the rhetoric of responding too slowly.

Do you ever read anything but the headlines?

Need a link to discover all the laughable origins of the virus, the US army, a chinese lab or may a wet market?

What are you responding to anything with such a limited amount of knowledge???


Alcohol and POT provide tax revenue. Churches do not. That’s why stores that sell the former are open while churches are shuttered. :roll_eyes:

Yes it is, it’s putting doctors and nurses on the unemployment roles. It’s absolute craziness. :roll_eyes:

So do elective surgeries . Abortions cost taxpayers .