The Left is Now Going After the NHL Hockey

So why don’t more people have the courage and stand up?

Say his name!



No pro-family group has ever lobbied against “equal protection of the law” for homosexuals. We simply object to people who think that they are so special that they are entitled to rights that nobody else enjoys. Homosexual activists are mercilessly goaded by guilt and anger and can never be satisfied.

The very concept of a “gay pride” parade itself is an excellent example of a special right demanded by homosexuals. They demand the right to celebrate their lifestyles in public, but have viciously condemned those few people brave enough to propose “straight pride” parades, labeling them “homophobic.” “We demand,” “We insist,” “We expect” never ends . No other racial, ethnic, religious or other type of group enjoys such absolute protection.

A typical “gay pride” parade. During these events, homosexuals frequently are naked, simulate sex, and even perform sexual acts in full view of the public, including small children. Homosexual activists and their supporters have attempted to enact laws that specify that only homosexuals have the right to be naked and perform sex acts in public.

Do you know the most powerful lobby in the entertainment business? Bigger than blacks or women’s lib or any nationalist or racist group. It’s the gays. If you don’t have the approval of the Gay Media Task Force, you don’t go on the air. In order to enact the “special rights” agenda, homophile activists must completely eradicate opposing viewpoints from every aspect of the public arena. They want to make certain that the ugly features of the homosexual lifestyle and the terroristic history of the “gay rights” movement are not only completely hidden from view, but entirely forgotten by the public

Both Jesus and all of scripture approve of no other sexual union than that between a husband and wife. This is the uncontested historical teaching of Judaism and Christianity, and it is not something that true Christianity is free to adjust with the times. God created each of us male and female, each for the other.

To advocate for extending rights to someone based in particular and occasionally mutable desires, relationships, and behaviors is a violation of the principle of universal human rights.


Leviticus - 18:22…Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind: it is abomination.


Most forget but will soon see !!!


At least some will not.


They represent less than 1% of the population but act like everybody must conform to their lifestyle; and they wonder why there is push back on their political agendas especially the issue of “grooming”

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