The Left is Now Going After the NHL Hockey

The NHL had conducted a recent study of diversity in the workforce and they just released their findings. Like everything else that the left touches it destroys and now its Hockey because it simply is too white.

Here is the NHL’s Kim Davis, EVP of social impact, growth and legislative affairs announcing the results of their first internal demographic study that found 84% of the workforce is white.

Remember, male or white=bad in case you were keeping score, but common sense that a large percentage of the NHL is from countries that is predominantly white European.

The NHL has declared a crisis because it has too many white people.

Not that I watch a lot of hockey, but the NHL is another sport we will witness the left destroy.

Here is a bonus clip of Mark Dice elaborating on this bit of news where he also explores other aspects that the left is trying to go after and claiming its too “white”


When in the fuck will white America get black fatigue ??? :bomb:


Until they are utterly destroyed! That is their goal! Go after everything that Whites do and love. Right from the communist play book! Its the White Liberal Jooos that is behind this agenda in order to divide us world wide.

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Look no further than the " protected class " and the fucking J_E_W_S are at the top of that list !!!

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Yep, but doesn’t stop whiny little bitches like Ben Shapiro from claiming such criticisms as being anti-Semitic even though they are legitimate criticisms


Mostly whites play Hockey so what exactly are they trying to change with this sport? Are blacks going to move to Russia to play Hockey?

That would be an eye opener for them Russia does put up with BLM bullshit !!!

Rolling my eyes. Is the NBA “too black” because it’s 75 percent African American? Are both leagues “anti-Asian?” What if the NHL had a mandatory “black” player but who was less qualified and embarrassed the team? Would that be “progress” or just tokenism?

Would be interesting if it happen and would make good for a reality TV series.

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This is nothing more than political pandering. We see this same thing happening to local hockey in Sweden and the Olympics

More on this from Gary Sheffield and Emerald Robinson

The NHL is a hockey league, not a political platform. It exists for one purpose and one purpose only: to give people an enjoyable way to watch hockey. That’s it. To try and turn it into something more is not only misconceived, but it’s also insulting to the fans who just want to watch hockey. We don’t tune in to see players take a knee or make speeches about white privilege; we tune in to see them play hockey. And if they can’t do that, then they can go somewhere else.

If the NHL allows itself to be turned into a vehicle for social justice warrior politics, then it will lose my support—and the support of many other fans who just want to enjoy watching hockey without being lectured to about politics.

Take a look at who runs the NHL and you will understand why this is happening.

It’s the same guy who used to run the NBA and he was very focused at the time with recruiting only from a particular demographic.

I think you will find something else very interesting too.

I agree! This is totally unacceptable in my opinion and is part of a larger strategy of cancel culture. Hockey by way of culture is a sport that has mostly whites playing and in the views of the social engineers that have been bringing us the anti-white rhetoric, Hockey was something that they were eventually were going to come after and now here we are. Walking away is simply not going satisfy your own stand on principle for they are coming for everything that whites do and love. Parks, recreation, rural small towns, skiing, etc. Whites are going to have to stand up eventually to push back to stop this insanity otherwise they will continue bending over and taking it up the you know what!

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Bettman is another WLJ problem! He belongs on a train going to somewhere to not be seen again. I think you guys were right a while ago and tried to tell us but we including myself couldn’t see it. I am now seeing it! I don’t care if anybody calls me a racist, because Bettman is a total elitist scumbag!

In other words… the NHL should not become like the NFL.

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Careful! Such talk will get you cancelled at jobs!

This has gone too far with the gay pride and the alphabet order narrative that they adopted.

Hockey is a notoriously white sport. It’s origins can be traced back to the British Empire, and it has always been seen as a sport for the wealthy. The vast majority of NHL players are white, and the few players of color who do make it into the league are often pigeon-holed into stereotype roles. For instance, black players are often seen as enforcers, while latinx players are defined by their “passion” and “skill”. This lack of diversity not only exclusionary, but it also perpetuates damaging stereotypes. It’s time for hockey to become more inclusive and representative of the world we live in today.

So the NBA and NFL majority of players are black, should those sports be more inclusive in order to address their lack of diversity? What else is next? Are National Parks and Skiing too white? What about Russia and other Eastern European block countries that are predominantly white? Should they be forced to include more diversity of people of color? How about Japan and China that is predominantly Asian? Should they be forced to include people of color into their culture? What is next with this ridiculous narrative you liberals keep pushing? What race are you? Are you a person of color? Please do tell!

The fact is, the sport of Hockey where a large percentage of the players are foreign born that comes from countries predominantly white is why the sport is played by a large percentage of white players. Also your assertion that black players being pigeon-holed into stereotypical roles is patently false and its obvious you don’t watch the sport or know what you are talking about.

Here is a list of current Black players in the NHL with the exception of PK Suppan as he just recently announced his retirement after a long and distinguished career as a prolific goal scorer in the NHL.

No it is not and its a bunch of nonsense along with the woke narratives you leftist want to continue pushing. You keep chirping about things like diversity and inclusion yet while doing so you also continue to perpetuate the race narrative with false pretenses that contributes to the negative discourse affecting the country as a whole. This is not going to end well for your side, eventually push back is going to start happening and when it does you people will be running for cover to avoid the blowback of the causes you made. Karma is like that, and it will be tenfold!

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