The Left is Now Going After the NHL Hockey

What bullshit are you even talking about? Sports is about performance, achievement, and merit. This crap about making things more “inclusive” might satisfy the lonely women in the HR department - and their cats, but it won’t satisfy the fans. It denigrates the sport and discourages young athletes from pursuing greatness because the NHL now has “race quotas” because of stupid shit like this.

You fucking people ruin everything.


Yeah ok. What happens when one of your brown pets gets cross-checked by Crazy Ivan from Mother Russia and chokes on his gold and diamond grill piece? Was it because of racism? Or because Tyrone can’t skate for shit and shouldn’t be playing hockey in the first place?


Yea… bulls**t.



The future is here.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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If there’s one thing that seems a problem, it’s the way that sports have become so professionalized down to the middle school level, where everyone is searching for the next great athlete and no longer the place for just average kids to learn what teamwork means and the necessity of listening to an older person who is head of the team tell you what to do.

Historian Christopher Lasch said (though I may have mangled the quote a bit) “In a meritocracy the mediocre man has no shelter for his self-regard.” As long as white men had a built-in “other” they could feel superior to, the rough justice of meritocracy was muted. A level playing field scares the hell out of them because they know, having rigged the system in their favor in the past, that it may be rigged against them in the future.


Every one is entitled to a equal opportunity not an equal outcome. You should focus on the meaning of that instead of looking for ways to justify failure by blaming a particular race because its a convenient narrative being fed to you by the corporate media promoting it on false pretenses.

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So you don’t play and enjoy sports? Are you an anarchist or something?

So you are racist and bias against white people? I am not sure or comprehend the purpose of your post? Why do you ignore questions of other sports that favor a particular demographic? Why single out whites? What did they do to you?


I guess you didn’t get a participation trophy?

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“I didn’t expect the funeral for the NHL to arrive so early”

Governor DeSantis is going after the NHL for its discriminatory recruitment practices.

Wait until a woman dies! Betting odds on which sport it will be?

Probably MMA or a violent contact sport (maybe hockey)

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“Prior to the game, Flyers players will wear special Pride-themed warmup jerseys and use warm-up sticks wrapped in rainbow Pride tape. Both the jerseys and sticks will be auctioned off by Flyers Charities following the game with proceeds going to Flyers Charities and their efforts to grow the game of hockey in diverse communities.”

Freaking ridiculous that they (The NHL) are doing this.

Is free speech and religious expression the same?

Why not? It should be as a form of free speech.

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I love this! It shows the bullshit woke hucksters pushing this gay pride nonsense that straight pride is showing up!



Who Doesn’t Wear the Ribbon?!

Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov refused to take a pregame skate Tuesday night in the team’s LGBTQ+ warmup jersey, citing his preference “to stay true to myself and my religion,” which is Russian Orthodox. “I respect everyone. I respect everybody’s choices,” said the only player who refused to participate in Pride Night.

You can imagine the hysterics Provorov’s apostasy sparked among the enlightened sports commentariat. TSN’s Pierre LeBrun claimed Provorov “obviously does not respect ‘everyone.’ If he did respect everyone, he would have taken part in warm-up and worn the Pride Night jersey. Don’t hide behind religion.”

The “don’t hide behind religion” jibe is one of the dumbest and laziest smears going. It’s a favorite of bullies who act like they can bore into the souls of the heretics. It’s bad enough that LeBrun contends that the only possible reason someone might be disinclined to celebrate same-sex marriage or the sweeping “+” (I wonder if Lebrun could coherently explain what it means?) is deep-seated bigotry. But when these amateur theologians declare that dissenters are “hiding” behind faith, they’re not only arguing that religion is a mask for bigotry but that no genuine faith could possibly have a problem with the cultural norms he adopted about five minutes ago.

Of course, many orthodox faiths, not only Russians but Orthodox ■■■■■ Catholics, Muslims, Lutherans and so on, believe same-sex relationships are sinful. Their adherents have believed that for centuries, if not millennia**A person of good faith can “respect” others – they can even respect people for taking a stance – without celebrating their choices. In a truly open and diverse society, we don’t demand everyone abandon their tradition and critical thinking to skate lockstep in a rainbow flag. Dear Lord, it’s such vacuous virtue signaling.