The Islamafication of Great Britain is Complete!

Maybe the Security man with the radio is a Muslim…or a Muslim sympathizer.

Its still not excusable for him to watch while the guy is getting beaten up senselessly!

Total disgrace. Europe is afraid of Islam just like the Democrats!

I think the Democrats are using Islam as a political and demographic weapon against the United States…then again…this thread isn’t about the US.

Of course they are, only because they view them as a another victim class that they can exploit! It’s such a Bolshevik thing to do! Old playbook rules!

Again let’s keep this thread on point because a new person decided to resurrect it after nearly a year.

I am on point! Democrats are liberals and their mentality is the same in Great Britain as it is in the states. So?

Nah - There was no need to resurrect this thread. Political parties in the UK and political parties in the US are not the same thing even though they may share similar attributes. Another thread locked. Wish you folks would stay on topic.