The Islamafication of Great Britain is Complete!

Christians from Africa trying to reach out to white people in Britain. Truly, full circle.

Only Britain like many other places has been turning its back on Christ, which per Romans 1:18-32 is a very dangerous thing to do.

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The Cuckification of Great Britain.

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Completely random but today I was looking one moment at a thread about the Islam crap and then I turned the Bible open to Jeremiah 10 which talks about the uselessness of idols and the ways of the nations.

As I contemplated this I realized how that meteoritic rock the Muslems worship in SA bears a slight resemblance to the star wormwood that falls from the sky in Revelation. I’m not saying it is wormwood, just that it can be said to resemble it. Realize that when the Bible speaks of the seas it is often speaking of the gentile nations. In a sense the meteor they adore and which they’ve given the idol treatment per Jeremiah has fallen on a proverbial third of the seas (mankind) and made them bitter. That which makes them bitter is Islam, and through them the poisons of Mohammad are spread: 14 centuries worth of unprovoked aggression, destruction of civilization, corruption of men, slaving and other depredations.

… and now in lands which once sent missionaries out it’s becoming hate to simply tell the truth about the Son and the only Gospel given once for all time…

Full Circle indeed!

So…there are no such things as free speech and freedom of religion in what used to be great Britain?

What a waste of perfectly good people!

To allow a once great nation to succumb to a goddamned theocracy created by a goddamned demented pedophile in the name of political correctness is a travesty.

Brexit or no Brexit, the historical culture of Britain is doomed.

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Isn’t “Wormwood” a hallucinogenic drug? Like LSD but is more associated with the drink "Absinthe?

Just curious about the word “Wormwood” reference in the bible and what its meaning is according to Christians.

Birthplace of free speech and now they indeed have come full circle. What gives? How and why has it come to this for Great Britain? Post Colonialism guilt?

You recently told me not to throw stones from glass houses, in response to me criticising the US. Your hypocrisy is staggering!

Britain? Surely you jest! The British officially gave freedom of speech to members of Parliament. The French expanded it to all its citizens. The United States followed with its First Amendment.

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Possibly. Like the Germans have Nazi guilt and you have slavery guilt.

I don’t disagree with this but for balance, the evidence is anecdotal. For the one preacher who was arrested, there are hundreds free to chant their god stuff. I could come up with some anecdotal event in the US and use that as evidence that the US is down the shithole. But you would be the first to tell me I would be unfair, among other things.

I’ve been told by another Yank on another thread that your representatives don’t even bother to pretend to abide by your Constitution now.

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What does this have to do with Islam?

He was evidently being a nuisance, I don’t mind him being asked to move along tbh.

But then i’m not a fan of street preachers or other idiots who want to scream, shout or harass others as they go about their day.

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No. They do pretend. That’s why they invoke it in speeches and ignore it it actions.

They do the same with emotional pleas regarding the children, the elderly, the poor, the LGBTQ, the females…all used as disposable pawns in the three dimensional chess game of obtaining concurrence of thoughts and the votes required to stay in office.

Sounds like our lot. I cannot recall a promise that Pinocchio May has kept.

What is the point of your 1st amendment? It’s not as if you can exercise your right through any media. What can you do, shout from the top of a hill? Why hasn’t your government done anything about it?

Basically, it a restriction on Congress.

It literally applies to the United States Congress. It does not literally apply to the State or local governments. However, the constitutionality of any state or local law can be tested in federal courts.

It does not restrict local authorities or private organizations from imposing their own standards regarding what can and cannot be said…until such standards are tested in a court of law.

It also does not apply to inciting riot, classified information, court gag orders, signed non-disclosure agreements, defamation (libel and slander)…

The primary difference between slander and libel is that libel is the written or otherwise printed public defamation of a person or entity, while slander is the spoken defamation of a person or entity. Slander can also include bodily gestures while libel can include published photographs.

Both are punishable by law.

I reserve the right to revise and extend my remarks. :grin:

Homosexer activists have caused a schism between the African Anglican church and the Church in England and the American Episcopals.

Libs are not content with “love the sinner, hate the sin” .

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Right! It had to start somewhere, hence your chronological order on its evolution!

Not surprised that this is led by Welby the moron! Further, it seems rather obnoxious that the Anglican Church is holding a summit also taking up the cause of Global warming! Its pretty obvious that the Church, or churches for that matter is getting “A” political, so maybe the schism could be a good thing in breaking up the cabal. Then again, I get the impression there is a more sinister work at hand here when it comes to such issues and the Church.

The thought of it actually started with Socrates.