The Inconvenient Truth About the Republican Party

If you plan to try to debunk any of the information or stats presented in this video, you must provide links to credible sources. Your opinions on such matters do not count.

The Democrats haven’t changed a bit in 166 years. They still treat blacks and women as victim classes.

Well worth 5 minutes 32 seconds of your time!


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I watched the video and it makes a good point overall; however, that doesn’t let Republicans off the hook for their total ineptitude and lack of action right now.

Read what I wrote. I said nothing of opinions regarding the Republican party or things not mentioned in the video. I said, “If you plan to try to debunk any of the information or stats presented in this video…”

The “such matters” in my second sentence applies to the “information or stats” mentioned in the first sentence. In other words, your opinion does not change the facts presented in the video.

Offering an opinion of the Republican Party doesn’t debunk any of it.

I somewhat agree with your statement. Some of what they don’t do is because of the Democrat majority in the House and their ruthless, unethical, dishonest, piece-of-shit chairpersons on all of the House committees and their worthless Speaker of the House.

Republicans are certainly not lacking in ability to make Democrats look like real assholes that care less for the people they represent than they care for upholding constitutional law…and they care very little for the latter.

The recent refusal of the Democrats to even discuss Senator Tim Scott’s bill for police reform is a prime example or their bully tactics. Rather than help the young blacks among us right now, they want to use the issue for political purposes until after the election. So, is Tim Scott to be accused of doing nothing?

I often criticized GWB for not fighting back when the Dems lied about him and what he was doing.

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These people who are still defending republicans and Trump… they are like beaten wives who can’t admit they have an abusive man. We just have to hope harder and he’ll change. It’s all a big secret plan and good Trump will pull through.

Face the facts. He’s lying to you. He gives the enemy everything they want while you not only get nothing, you are losing more ground by the day. Vote against this asshole. He has failed you.

Biden isn’t a leader - he’s putting a blind captain at the helm because you want the ship to crash. This ship that used to be our country is not carrying us anywhere good. It’s time to scuttle America.

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And replace it with what?

Oh! Yes, take the advice of an arrogant, head-tripping retread.

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Strawman argument. Worthless bullshit.

We who have been blessed with reason and logic (and knowledge of history) are thankful that he has not changed and will not change. It’s the Fascists that just can’t stand the success of a capitalist republic that actually allows people to think for themselves and increase their own wealth through productive efforts.

Duh! You have a firm grip on the obvious. Give yourself a pat on the back. You remembered a truism.

Everybody should face the facts. The only problem you and your minions have is thinking that facts are subjective.

He’s not a saint. He has spoken some untruths. Like when he got the crowd size wrong, and when he praised the bitch, Pelosi after the Demwits took back the House in 2018…he really hates that worthless twat and knows full well that she’s a wicked bitch.

He hasn’t lied about his goals and he hasn’t relaxed a bit in working toward them.

He praises foreign leaders for political purposes (just as he does with the bitch, Pelosi) as he puts sanctions on them to pressure them into agreements that even the playing field and benefit the people of the USA. He puts our country FIRST, as he should.

The only assholes we have in our government today are the retards that favor Marxism/socialism/communism over the capitalist republic that has worked well for over 240 years and has become the most powerful nation on earth today.

Check the history of the world. Fascism/communism/socialism/Marxism has failed every time it’s been tested.

His only failures to accomplish his goals in his first 3.5 years in office came as a result of opposition from RINOs, Never-Trumpers, Democrats, unrelenting efforts to impeach him, Fake News Media, Activist Judges, Obama holdovers, unethical and lying weasels in control of the FBI, disgruntled assholes that lost their cushy jobs and shithead liberals with loud, unimpeded voices on social media that’s controlled by biased big tech companies.

That is also common knowledge. He’s got more handlers than a huge Macy’s Parade Balloon. He’d be a titular head that his handlers can blame for every mistake they make.

Liberalism is a mental disorder, and you just proved that beyond all doubt.

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Trump is allegedly in control of the government yet the government is always acting like it wants to exterminate Trump voters.


So either 1. Trump’s really not in control
or 2. He’s in control and betraying his base.

In either case - does not deserve to be re-elected.

What a dumb argument! Just ignore all the other variables while satisfying your own confirmation bias! As if one man controls everything? (Sarcasm)

Lest you forget the three branches of our Government? Holy crap the stupid is strong with you!


I see you’re just as ignorant as your pal, the fascist.

We have basically a two party system going here. It’s been that way since day one. Sure, there are numerous radical groups that call themselves political parties, but the Republican vs Democrat feud prevails.

The Democrats wish the voters who pull the R lever would all disappear or become converts and pull the D lever instead.

The Republicans wish the voters who pull the D lever would all disappear or become converts and pull the R lever instead.

Through our well designed system of checks and balances, whoever may be President is not permitted to be a dictator. That’s the kind of shit the Fascists like.

You should try reading our Constitution now and then. It’s not a long read.

Kinda sounds like you’re saying that the system has been broken from the beginning, which only makes their points stronger.

Interestingly enough, the anti-Federalists from the time of our founding would agree with them. Don’t be so quick to dismiss.

No. The development of the US Constitution, ended up a balance. No need to reinvent the wheel. They are too busy debating pinhead basement theories.

Some complain Trump can’t wield dictator powers and the left want’s power to push their nonsense agendas. All that is bogus.

Some people should just not be anywhere near government.

Nope. It was almost broken by the War Between the States in the 1860s, but Lincoln, the first Republican President preserved the Union.

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My main issue with conservatives is they think “America” means some 1960s hippy ■■■■■■ shit instead of 1770s white nationalist anti-feminist slave owners.

Imagine dying on a hill for black and gay and women’s rights. LOL. ■■■■■

Lincoln trampled all over state’s rights and created the hyper-federalized shitshow we see today.

You generalize quite well. That’s a common trait of the simpleminded, under-educated among us.


Lincoln emancipated the slaves in the US. That was the principle cause for the founding of the Republican party.

I doubt you have the ability to visualize how each of the two countries would fare today had the Confederate states won.

Look at European history. Numerous states, war after war. Eventually after Wars, Europe started getting along, but then foreign influences chip away at that.

Then look at the middle east and africa.

The balance point, between federal and states, in the USA, has kept us down to only one major civil war. The Constitution and Bill of Rights and the system itself has developed to keep a balance. The balance, is like the Golden Mean, the Middle Way.

If morons want to tear down the USA with treason and sedition they are crossing the line and seeking the lowest common denominator. People like that are responsible for death and destruction, throughout history so we have laws about locking them up. Laws take time to change and remain balanced. Kooks and insurrectionistas don’t like that. The most pathetic seek to destroy their own castle from within.



We need clear thinkers. Possibly we could pattern ourselves after South Africa, since Black Rule. We have yet to try the Stone Age.