The incendiary rhetoric of both Biden and Trump

I am very disappointed in the third-grade-type taunts of both President Trump and former Vice-President (and now presidential candidate) Joe Biden, toward each other.

Here is just a sampling of them:

Joe Biden is “a low-IQ person.”–Donald Trump, speaking of Joe Biden.

Donald Trump “does everything to separate and frighten people.”–Joe Biden, speaking of Donald Trump.

Joe Biden is “a loser.”–Donald Trump, speaking of Joe Biden.

Donald Trump is “literally an existential threat.”–Joe Biden, speaking of Donald Trump.

I could go on and on; but you surely get the point…

Personally I love it and anybody who still supports the PC mantra should go fuck themselves! Trump is awesome and it’s about time we had a leader that tells it like it is! You don’t like what Trump says or his language or how he says it ? Too bad get over it! We are not in Kansas anymore!

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As I pointed out–in fact, it was the entire point of the OP–Joe Biden is just as guilty of this inflammatory rhetoric as Donald Trump is.

And I really do not understand just why anyone would “love” such gutter-style rhetoric–or why anyone might think that a return to basic civility amounts to being “PC”…

I can’t believe you’re equating the two…:flushed::flushed::flushed:

Low IQ and looser are personal insults where Joe Biden is criticizing Trumpian policy. Trumps antagonistic and demeaning rhetoric is divisive and is separating Americans which is an existential threat to the union.

Well I guess you should “go fuck yourself”. Divisive gutter talk is a turn on to many on this board.

Biden’s “existential threat” crap is a mandatory Democrat mantra.
They are all using the same phrase.

I am very disappointed in this bullshit moral equivalency.

Biden is a bald faced liar promoting socialism, sexual perverts and the murder of babies. He has flipped flopped on every issue, and is the ultimate establishment hack. All the POS does is lie and lie about Trump.

Trump is just telling it like it is, a refreshing change, and one of the reasons I voted for him, to tear down swamp liars like Biden.

There is no comparison between the two. Your post is stupid.


Oh do shut up! Only mentally challenged people like you would try to hop on your high moral horse and try to spin something to suit your dumb narrative! Got anymore original BS you want spew out of your butthole you call a mouth?

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And you likely never will. The fringe on both sides are just like that and yell the loudest so they sound big in numbers. But most Americans are civil with one another.

You want gutter? Listen to rap music. All you’ll get is F-Bombs and B-Words.

Trump is not “gutter”. Trump is “snarky”. Trump pokes the bear. Trumps makes up funny names like Sleepy Joe. But Trump is not “gutter”.

If you think Trump is gutter then you must be some sort of dainty pink-laced sissy.

Why is this such a surprise?

The left and media hammer Trump daily.

Over 90% of Trump articles are negative.

The question to ask yourself, where is the respect we have always extended to the president? Many disliked Obama yet the rhetoric never came close to the hatred toward trump. It’s been on going since trump announced he was running for president.

In the military you salute the rank not the person. Shouldn’t the same be extended to the president?


I certainly do not wish to defend President Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric–and I have not done so–but to claim that the sitting president is “an existential threat” to America is surely uncivil; it goes well beyond merely taking issue with some of his policies.

And even without the existence of Donald Trump, the nation would (sadly) already be separated: the deep red and the deep blue. Donald Trump is merely the figurehead for this separation.

I really do not think that you will find an instance of such rhetoric from me.

I don’t believe that was in question…

I really do not think that Biden is a committed socialist; but he has certainly moved considerably to the left, in order to secure the Democratic nomination, in a field of far-left candidates.

Often, “telling it like it is” may be just an excuse for blatant incivility. President Trump has certainly been guilty of this.

But so has Joe Biden.

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Many people on the right considered Obama to be an existential threat to the history and culture of the United States, and that was expressed in sundry ways. I had absolutely no problem with that position even if I often disagreed with it. I took great umbrage to the many foul names and insults to the mans heritage and intelligence however.

For those of us who were ORIGINAL 2016 supporters this should bring back fond memories.


Well, I am on the right–the center-right, anyway–and I certainly never considered Barack Obama to be “an existential threat to the history and culture of the United States.” I did consider him to be bad for the United States, because of his liberalism; he seemed much better suited to the social democracies of Europe than to the US. But that is quite another matter.

Certainly, there were a few on the fringe–the so-called “Birthers”–who claimed that Barack Obama was not even born in this country. But that was never my position–and it still is not.

2016 was one hell of a year. It was one of the best years of my life…but we all knew (((they))) were going to pull the plug once he was president. That’s why we are where we are today. In 2016, Trump had us all. He had the youth vote and we were driving online culture to get him elected. Now the Trump base is filled with neocons, Never Trumpers, christcucks, and turboboomers. Sad.

And by no means was I intending to suggest so of you.