The Hunter Biden Breaking Story Censored

Just as this story broke in the New York Post, about the smoking gun e-mail proving that Biden knew about the payoffs in the Ukraine scandal Facebook censored it from its platform. Just a coincidence right before elections? I think not!

Story which I posted in the Joe Biden thread hours ago

This is a Big Tech information coup. This is digital civil war. I, an editor at The New York Post, one of the nation’s largest papers by circulation, can’t post one of our own stories that details corruption by a major-party presidential candidate, Biden.”

Here Facebook also scrubbed the breaking news and as a result the editor is pissed!


It looks like Jack Dorsey is now trying to cover his tracks and is now realising this is going to back fire after Senator Josh Hawley weighs in on the matter. The twitters responses are epic!

‘Unacceptable,’ Twitter CEO Says of Platform’s Handling of Blocked Hunter Biden Article


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How is this breaking news? Everyone knows that he was on the take.

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The e-mail as the smoking gun proves it. It’s also why social media sites were censoring it!
You have to remember that members in the Senate and congress especially Romney RINOS were trying to suppress info proving as such and covering for Biden because it implicates them too.

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Also looks like Bair is giving it some air!

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This is why they needed Trump impeached within the last 4 years, to have these buried 6 feet under.
Sadly, the drive-by media will largely ignore this story, waiting for their lackeys at the large social media oligopolies to “fact check” and S-Nope this story.
And yes, Rudy Giuliani sitting on this for so long, to release these info just two weeks before the election night is dirty politics, but then again, has he released it earlier, it would have been memory-holed and buried in page 8 of every major “news site”.

I think that is part of it or one subplot, the other is the insider trader which implicates a 90% of congress and the Senate. See Burr and Loeffler. The thing about Burisma, is that some Republicans are in on it, which is why Romney was so outspoken about being against further investigations.

As far as the media is concerned, I seriously doubt they will be able to ignore it. Fox already did a pretty explosive story on it, and are expecting more news to come out in the next few days. Its October Surprise of of course.

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Then drain it, that was one of his promise as well.

Should have released it two weeks earlier. Ballots were already sent out in the first week of October. Oh well, what do I know.

Andy Stone of Zuckerbook already stated that the story from the NY Post and its distribution will be “limited”, awaiting fact-check. This fact check could last however long they want it to last, while parroting the same “dont listen to Faux News”.

Just as many others here have expressed, the growing frustration of the DC swamp to continue getting away with crimes and corruption have reach a boiling point both steeped in indifference that anything will be done about it, and Trumps failures to appoint the right people such as AG, FBI director and now the CIA director in a time that “We the People” have grown tired of the empty hollow rhetoric coming from the political class where those decisions are starting to come into question. He talked about draining the swamp, but then why does he keep hiring the people who have been a part of it in order to deliver justice? I support Trump, but my criticisms of these issues are fair and warranted. What are your thoughts on this?

Fact check? From the same guy who used to work for CNN and was on the Democratic Party Payroll. How does that exactly work? Hmmm?


The same way we have bad scotus picks from Trump (yes, Im talking Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and soon ACB): Trump is just one man, and these picks are a telephone game of recommendation traveling up the chain of command. Don’t expect Trump to “hire” well beside the core people from his campaign prior to 2016.

What is encouraging tho, is the fact that Trump isnt hesitate to fire those who does not perform their function. Does it create much chaos within the admin.? Very much so, but to ignore misdirection and ill-intents bc youre too ashamed to admit you hire the wrong person for the job is way worse imho.

I say the same thing to everyone regardless of their opinion of Trump: he is but one person. Love him or hate him, it’s his administration that does the majority of the lifting *like with any president or CEO or leader), and Trump is just a more effective lightning rod to absorb all the hate and attention while his team puts together and push through things such as the tax cut and Middle East peace plans. If your eyes are solely focused on Trump’s hand, you’ve fallen for the classic magician’s trick.

Orange man is the ultimate optical illusion.

Do you want to shake things up? This is what I would do.

Micheal Flynn for FBI Director

Sydney Powell for AG

Richard Grennell CIA Director

I think it was Einstein that said “You can’t solve problems with the same methods that created them in the first place.”

Or in laymen terms you can’t ask a Fox to guard the hen house, eventually the Fox gets fat. Lol!

I’d love to see that, but then again, Im just a bystander with 1 vote. What do I know. But I digress, we have strayed far from the original intention of this thread. It’s about the corruption of the Biden family.


Yes you are right, it’s easy to stray off when no one is held accountable when viewing the larger picture. I too digress. Sigh.

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Facebook and Twitter banned the story BUT allowed ALL the trump Russia lies to flood their platform . It’s clear both Facebook and Twitter are political forums and they are far left indeed !!!


Facebook and Twitter should have been regulated years ago, The Donald wanted to do this but of course like with many other things he had NO support, mainly because he’s surrounded within by Swamp Creatures who have been working against him.