THE HUNT Film Trailer — Trump Supporters Hunted for Sport by Liberal Elites

If anything it will make things worse making those who feel marginalized focus even more on all of their complaints and those already inclined towards violence as a solution teeter even closer to or go right over the edge.

Well, if a movie is going to do that the chances are something else will trigger the same response (absent the movie) somewhere down the line. :wink:

I firmly believe the democrats are to have us in as close a state to full rebellion and anarchy as possible by September/October in order to scare the population into voting for them.

If Trump wins reelection it’s virtually guaranteed they’ll step it up into overdrive in order to punish the country.

We’re more than a year out and look how aggressive the rhetoric already is. They are openly calling for everything except widespread rioting and giving a wink and nod or flat out ignoring any examples of violence by any of their various factions as long as it’s aimed towards the right.

How much more violence will the LEFT stir up with the movie and blame the RIGHT for it

Probably true. I cannot imagine the level unrest when he wins a second term.

But, then again? Trump doesn’t quite ignore it does he.

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And he’ll instantly be deemed to be endorsing a holocaust here at home by calling for LEO’s to stop it.

Who cares. The laws are the laws.

Break them and pay the price. It is about time the hammer comes down and the pandering stops.

That won’t slow the left or their willing cohorts in the media for a second. Just look at the last two years.

Nothing is going to slow the left. The agenda trumps law because they have been able to get away with it.

What politician was it that walked an illegal across the border?

Should have been arrested right then and there.

When the pandering stops and the laws start being enforced then maybe people will start having some respect once again.

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Well that didn’t age well!

Eh? Yesterday they were saying they’d go ahead with the release… .

Let it play!

OMG, that is so stupid to not release the film.

I was actually looking forward to watching it. It’s just a movie for kripes sake.

I was hoping to watch the deplorables win. That would be an ironic taste of reality for the lefties.

Trump does have simple and direct way of communicating and that is what resonates with regular people, its like he is talking to us at our kitchen table. It certainly is not your typical political gibberish/double talk/forked tongue crud that we normally get from dishonest pols.


More like the loud mouthed uncle who always says inappropriate things at the table but we love him anyway.

I so disagree with him taking exception to this film.

It is liberals who, through pissing/moaning/complaining get things banned.

Not conservatives.

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No not really, I don’t think President Trump is a loud mouth I think he is “twitter warrior”. He really doesn’t initiate the war of words & insults its always a punch back response, which I like a lot. GWB wore me out that he never defended himself, the country or his supporters it was infuriating but President Trump never disappoints me. :wink:

Yes, Trump is definitely a counter puncher type boxer!!!

In constantly running off at the mouth and thumbs he’s given the democrats more clubs with which to beat him over the head than a forest.

I disagree! You being a christian should know why promoting this film is a bad idea! We don’t need any more negativity or more gratuitous violence splashed across screens in America to encourage more adverse behavior! I don’t think Jesus would approve!