The Growing Division in Conservatism. We are lorded over by Mercenaries!

This is a sobering thought! Tucker Carlson has nailed this as to why America is where it is in today’s discourse. America is in serious trouble and the reasons why are so obvious that its demise seems inevitable. Is it though? Watch the video in its entirety to see what you come up with.


Wow - I agree with much of what he said there.

But why doesn’t he then support candidates who fight for:

  • Higher wages for working americans
  • Better benefits for working americans
  • Union protections

All of which emulate the economic forces of our past - a time when one working parent was enough to raise a family on?

And why doesn’t he support candiates who:

  • Fight for universal affordable health care
  • fight for social safety nets to help keep families in tact

It’s rare that I can sit through a whole Tucker video. That one was very interesting. And lacked his hyperbolic vitriol. Thanks for posting it. Good food for thought.

You and I must have watched two very different videos. Carlson was exhorting stronger family units, not more big government interference.


I’ve been posting opinions that fit with Tucker’s video like pieces of a jig saw puzzle.

“Market capitalism is not a religion” … not even to the conservatives that Tucker represents. That phrase is the nugget here that Tucker Carlson offers. But - like I have, even in this forum - he will face opposition from the very people whose interests are best served by that phrase. People call themselves “conservative” and are very harumph harumph dogmatic about what that means. “Free markets” always come up in the discussion. It’s not unusual to read the equivalent of this:

“I’ve been a staunch conservative for 30 years…And I’ve read books about it. I KNOW what conservativism means and Donald Trump is not conservative”

Yeah yeah yeah…but actually those who say that only know what has worked in the past to achieve the results that conservatives desire. They typically are confusing the end goals with the means to the end. So they really want good strong families and standards and a culture that can withstand attack. But they think that the methods that were once effective in obtaining such things are essentially inextricably bound with the results. Tucker is recognizing that they are not… and that the methods that give rise to results that conservatives desire must change.


Great video!

Unfortunately, the breakup of the family unit has taken generations to get to the point we are at today, and my fear is that it would take generations to once again make things right. Unfortunately, today we are looking for the quick fix to every problem and there is no quick fix for this one.

I shudder to think about our future when (not if) DEMs are again back in full control. Everyone keeps looking at Venezuela as something that could never happen here. I used to believe that as well. With the recent hard left turn of the DEM party, I’m no longer confident that we wouldn’t be doomed to a similar fate.

Yes you correct and you succinctly put it in proper perspective! The point you are making can’t be truer to form and that is conservatives need to overcome their own narrow views in order to see the bigger picture in order to address what ills America!

Yes I am thinking the same thing too. The harsh reality that Zanex pointed out earlier in another thread is that conservatives in the American landscape is an aging demographic as the Cultural Marxists have been in control of media and our educational system for many years and thus Democrats are on the verge of being the dominant party for at least a generation. Where the illegal immigration will enable a super majority and entitlement spending is an inevitability when the next President is elected into office. The saving grace in all of this is the recent supreme court appointments that will no doubt help curb the incoming tide, but then again I have to wonder how the economics of all of this will play out if America is truly going more socialist that lays ahead in its not so distant future.

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What scares me about the SCOTUS is the DEM threat to stack the court with LIBs. Today there are 9 justices (5 conservatives and 4 DEMs). With DEMs in control of the WH and the Senate, it would be a simple matter for them to increase the number of justices to 11 (5 conservatives 6 DEMs).

He blamed the decline in family on lowering male wages, loss of manufacturing jobs, and politicians devotion to the capitalist system, forgetting that systems service us, and not the other way around.

Those were his words, not mine.

Except you went on about ranting about entitlements! Its funny how you guys go on about wanting to raise taxes to pay for them while using other peoples money. When at some point do Libs actually do things for themselves without having to depend on others to do it for them?

Higher wages? Yeah sure, lest we have higher inflation too
Union Protections?

You are just repeating the same nonsense that is considered outdated models

The past is the past and about time people like you stop living in it and stop trying to advocate about wealth redistribution! Its better to give a man a fishing pole than to give him fish!

I think that NJ water has rotted your brain to think for yourself!

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Those are symptoms of the underlying problem, not the cause. The solution to the problem is to begin dealing directly with the disintegration of the family unit. You missed that point entirely, opting instead to treat the symptom with more big government rather than solving the problem.


I think that is a very interesting post, and thought.

Perhaps one problem with this is, many conservatives came to the movement from listening to talk radio conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, who have been dogmatic in their devotion to free markets and other core ‘conservative’ principles.

Just as recently as the Obama administration years, these conservative leaders have been telling their audiences that free market principles were the guiding force to greatness for everyone in america. And of course they were forcefully telling their audiences that the deficit and debt were incredibly dangerous and lowering them was paramount to our survival.

I agree with you to an extent - the modern conservative movement needs to recognize that slavish devotion to these principles has led to some good, but much harm, particularly for the middle class americans. And to ignore that Donald Trump won because he recognized and spoke to this fact is to retreat to old tried and often failed conservative ideas.

Strengthening your point - I think, I don’t want to speak for you - is the reality that Trump didn’t just promise a wall. He promised government sponsored health care for all, he promised the return of good middle class jobs, he promised wage increases, he promised his, and those of similar wealth, taxes would go up to carry the load.

We can argue separately about what he has and has not done, but the fact that THOSE messages resonated with voters from both sides of the political spectrum speaks to your point. Conservatives should change if it would like to remain relevant.

Or perhaps, conservatism should be aboandoned and a new ideology should rise to take it’s place?

You may well feel that way, but that is not how tucker presented it.

He suggested slavish devotion to the capitalist system ha led republicans to forget the true purpose of their positions in government - to serve americans.

That is the exact kind of thinking that tucker, in this piece, is challenging.

But ok - what do you think a better solution to the crisis of the american family is?

(Side note - it was interesting and a little sad, that it took rampant drug addiction and poverty in rural, white america, for Tucker to realize the america family is in trouble. Decades of inner city, predominantly black america has been struggling with this for years - but then, that wasn’t a nationwide crises. that has been written off as a problem with THOSE americans themselves…but regardless, I do agree strongly with him on this, and hope we, as a country can find solutions.)

You overestimate the obedience that we have for their words. They often say what we already think is true. That’s why they have a following. I’ve been thinking that Rush and Sean stalk my posts to find out what to say. We are not you. We are not the hive. So when we believe differently that what Sean or Rush say, it’s easy to depart from their line of thinking.


Not only are you and I looking at two very different videos, but we are also speaking from 2 very different frames of reference. For the life of me, I can’t conceive why you are talking about slavish devotion to the capitalist system???

Neither Tucker or me has pointed to capitalism as the way to repair the family unit. :roll_eyes:

That isn’t what he said…

He is basically saying capitalism is what tore the family unit apart.


Its about migrating to a community of like-minded individuals; whether it be a religious community, a sports community or a political community.

Its not about brainwashing, it is about socializing.

You seem to be saying two different things here - that your mind is in lock step with conservative thinkers, but also, you don’t think like the same conservative thinkers.

No it is not, the opposite is true! Tucker is advocating for new ways of thinking to solve our problems not using the same old outdated ones that you seem to be in support of just like typical Democrats always seem to advocate for. Raise taxes, give more entitlements such as Healthcare, then masquerade it as a human basic right.

Well you can start by not confusing society with PC and trying to destroy traditional gender roles. Man and woman procreate not Adam and Steve. Stop trying to destroy communities with cultural Marxism and promoting and normalizing pedophilia by trying to influence Children that they should have sex changes or convince them something they are not!

Gee, when you have generations of promoting Government dependency and less about education and teaching and promoting traditional family values this is what you get. LBJ and the democrats are mostly to blame and now you want to shift the blame to conservatives?