The Great Reset!

Does HRC have another Reset button for this???

You remember that! Ha! Looking book on that moment I can only think how absurd and cringe worthy that was. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

So now we have this, and Laranov is correct, and the US dollar’s days as the world reserve currency is fading fast.

Yeah , I can’t forget how dumb that was and the look on his face.

Here she is war mongering again, just yesterday!

This was so freaking amazing! I am going to save this one!

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Where are all the dumba$$'s who claimed that this was just a conspiracy theory? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

If you are still denying it, then you can’t be helped and history will move one without you!


The proof is here!

Trudeau did this to his own country and trying to install a social credit score system. Canadians are fking blind!

The Liberal government has admitted in writing that they have an ongoing $105.3 million contract with the World Economic Forum to introduce digital identities for travel to Canada.

Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis published an Inquiry of Ministry she sent to Transport Minister Omar Alghabra in June.

The Inquiry focuses on the federal government’s Known Traveller Digital Identity (KTDI) program first introduced in 2018.

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They are all on the same page! Build Back Better = The Great Reset= NEW WORLD ORDER

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Very illuminating interview on the current discourse

Victor Davis Hanson

On the New World Order

The Great Reset = Regime change
image - World Class Investigative Truth

Jamie Raskin needs a good punch in the face by the likes of Mike Tyson. I digress!
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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