The Great Kyle Rittenhouse is out of jail! TRIAL and Updates!

Hell yea! Ricky Schroder helped get Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse out of jail

Time to celebrate! We love you Kyle stay strong! You are a winner!


That little racist murderer needs to be put in prison for life.


How is he racist? …

He’s a Trump supporter for starters, he was a wannabe cop, and he’s a part of some right wing militia - affiliated with the Proud Boys as I understand it.

So you have no evidence he racist your just mad lol

I’m not mad at all. That racist murderer will end up in prison for the rest of his miserable and hopefully long life.

How can self-defense against murderous looters be racist?

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If your not mad why are you denying what happen?

Mike Lindell is a National Treasure.

Notice how the NRA did nothing to help Rittenhouse or the McCloskey’s.

Rest assured fellow Americans - if you defend yourself from the left’s terrorism - all you need is to become a nation wide media figure and crowd fund two million dollars, then your innocence will be legally upheld after you spend several months in jail.

  • be American Far Left superstar
  • fundraise to get Antifa and BLM looters released on bail
  • complain when someone on the other side gets released on bail



Calling someone racist without evidence just to placate your own feelings does nothing for your credibility here! You are grasping at straws yet again!


Will Trump find the balls to pardon Rittenhouse? I dunno, pretty unlikely. If his name were Rittenstein he’d be golden.

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Rittenhouse is not a ■■■■■■ name

Absolutely fucking pathetic that you equate Trump, or Trump supporters for that matter, with racism. You’re an absolute idiot if you think what Kyle did was wrong. It was self defense. Guess what, hit someone in the head with a skateboard, you get fucking shot. PERIOD. Don’t like it? DON’T GET VIOLENT.

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It’s wonderful that this brave young man is out of prison, on bail.
Now … if there is not a national defense committee to keep this case in the public eye, then there should be.

I’m not talking about a fund-raising group … that already exists, here:

Does anyone know if there is such a group?
If there is not, would anyone be interested in helping start one?

If Kyle were a Lefty, a defense committee would have been formed the day after the events, and would have 500 Hollywood airheads signed up. But the Right is very poor at this sort of thing. That has got to change.

BREAKING: Judge rules mob members shot by Kyle Rittenhouse cannot be called “victims,” but can be referred to as as “rioters, arsonists, and looters” during his trial, which kicks off Nov 1


Reminder that Kyle Rittenhouse’s “victims” were a convicted pedophile and domestic abuser who were attacking him



Never before footage that was suppressed by the FBI is released that shows the night of the shooting.

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Kyle Rittenhouse was within his rights to shoot those MoFo’s, it was absolutely self defense.