The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

Hard to say anything these days without sounding “antisemitic.”

Remember to use the acronym “WLJ” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Look who is on this list! Recognize anyone?

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Isn’t it…


Lawyers demand proof Prince Andrew couldn’t sweat

This gets stranger and stranger by the day!

Sweating is only for the underclass. The royals s–t don’t stink either.

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For some odd reason, this saga involving the Prince (my Shit don’t stink) Andrew is the one key to keeping the controversy alive. On the other hand its quite remarkable that someone is being convicted of trafficking children to absolutely no one. Few understand!

WOW , you managed to get Trump into the mix , slight of hand no doubt ! :rofl:


Rumor has it that the Royal family is distancing themselves from Prince Andrew in recent developments when it pertains to his involvement with this sordid scandal.

Perhaps that is the prilegded the liberals and BLM refer to ? :roll_eyes:

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This will be special!

Of course her appeals for a retrial is denied. How does that happen with obvious hidden corpses around the world while the pedo elite class continue to sip champagne from their blood soaked chalices?