The First Mercedes


Pretty good…Is it a full length movie as well?

Good marketing.

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I do not know. I suspect it is just a commercial. A well done one!

Reminded me of the Movie, The Witch, and that Gothic Showtime TV series about the monster hunters…(name is on the tip of my tongue) oh yeah, Penny Dreadful.

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Benz hood ornaments always got stolen in former East Germany.
That’s pretty much the only taste of a real car East Germans could acquire immediately, since they had to wait over ten years to purchase a crappy East German car from the government enterprise.

Many years ago I purchased a Mercedes. Well taken care, but almost complexly fell apart. Will never purchase one again.Overrate motor vehicle! Nice commercial.

When my brother bought one back in the Sixties, my father called it a Merciless Benz. Once my brother paid over a thousand dollars to have the radio fixed because the entire dashboard had to be removed to get to the problem. My brother now drives nothing other than BMW.

That was pretty good. I’ll bet it would make a great movie.

I actually loved that show :laughing:

I was upset when they ended it. It was just getting more and more interesting.

They could have brought Bertha Benz in as a Character.

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Penny Dreadful was pretty good, but the writers of that show copped out with a weak ending. I am sure they could have squeezed another season out of that series with a better more thoughtful ending. It seemed to me that with such deep backgrounds in the characters and the stories that were thoughtfully and carefully developed, that when they abruptly decided that it would be the last season, somehow I get the impression that they lost some steam or got burnt out during production and just wanted to be done with it, because that ending was pretty lame which seemed out of place with the prior episodes and seasons. That was the biggest disappointment I got from the show, like a anti climax, out with whimper sort of speak! I love Timothy Dalton’s career resurrection as he had a fatherly command of a role that seemed only him could play, and he currently is in a similar role in the series “Doom Patrol”.

One of the best cars I ever owned was a Mercedes 300D Turbo Diesel. Great car, great mileage. I traded in a VW Golf Wolfberg Edition for it that had 360,000 miles on it and was still running.

The diesels were a different breed. My dad had an aversion to using foreign vehicles in his fleet of company trucks. We had Ford, GM and Dodge trucks for decades. One year he bought a Red, a White and a Blue (all Dodge) as shop trucks.

He wanted a small truck one year and I talked him into a Datsun diesel. Before it was retired, it had nearly 500,000 miles on it without a bit of repair required on the engine or drivetrain.

I love American diesels, and I wouldn’t think twice about buying a duely for the farm work and hauling horses. Extremely durable and reliable. Cars? That I am not sure about, but if I had or was forced to buy an American made car, it is still Ford for me. Chevy is practically Chinese owned, and Chrysler, well Jeep and Dodge is still high on my list.

The older Mercedes were works of Art and were for the most part reliable luxury cars that had a lot of ascetics and fine detail. My sister had a 90’s E-class that blew its engine (gasoline), and that ended my interest in Mercedes. I don’t think today’s Mercedes has the same appeal seeing a lot of their parts are now made in China, they somehow lost its soul and is now just another car. BMW’s are still in my opinion a great car and company. Love their motorcycles.

I fully agree they botched the show at the end…Now I found. this…Coming April 26…


Penny Dreadful : City of Angels, said to be “socially conscious,”. Set in Los Angeles…

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Anything with a disclaimer of socially conscious I tend to roll my eyes and avoid it altogether if you know what I mean. One of the biggest criticisms I have of today’s shows and movies is that everything seems contrived to include socially conscious nonsense or purposely inserted SJW issues in order to normalize it. Gays for instance is way over represented, or multi-racial story lines. Why does everything always have to include blacks, gays in almost everything Hollywood is producing today? Or that they also have to mention immigration, or always make conservatives the bad guys by calling them Nazi’s or mentioning them as not being intelligent? Its the same nonsense that has tuned me out altogether from Hollywood’s propaganda machine that is practically owned by China. I usually have to puke when I hear Rob Reiner during interviews virtue signal how China is great and has no problem selling out to them while he mouths off that Trump is bad!

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Mercedes, the poor man’s BMW. :sunglasses:

Arrg. I don’t have Showtime. Now I’ll have to get it. Thanks for sharing that!

Because they are calling it, “socially conscious” with SJW cues, most people are skeptical. Comments I read were all still mad about how they wrecked the show at the end and skeptical this spinoff will be watchable…

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Ewww. It was a good show. About towards the end it really pooped out. I wonder when people are going to get a clue the the SJW stuff doesn’t appeal to very many.