The Destruction of Gender Roles


Even the women who do those things do them in a womanly way.


No doubt about it.


So I’m not sure it is so much instinct as necessity. Even a female CEO wants and demands woman things.


Instinct may be the wrong word, as I believe alpha personalities are developed.


I don’t see why thinking that means that I “still think I’m among my Hannity liberal gang”. I’m very upfront about the fact that political views are exclusionary. Almost none of them say stuff like that. They’ll talk as if they’re views don’t exclude rival views, stuff like “If you don’t like abortions, then don’t have one.”.


Interesting concept. I always believed them to be intrinsic.


Personality and instinct?


Another interesting statement.


Innate, born with.

Strengthened by environment, but not removable by environment


From the moment we were born, our parents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandparents, friends, spiritual leaders etc., all gathered around us, and told us who we were.


That’s a unicorn. Doesn’t exist.


And some rise above it if those people are negative because born within them is drive and determination. While others would acquiesce.

Just as some people have a talent for drawing and art while others can barely draw a stick figure.

I do think Alpha characteristics are something one is born with as part of base personality.


I believe everyone has every instinct a person could possibly have within them.


Fight or flight? Protective reaction to certain stimuli? As a base, I agree.


Personalities amplify broad or specific instincts. Environment effects personality. Traits evolve. Etc… Lots and lots of layers to the fabric.


Alright. It’s true by the nature of physical reality.


The nature of physical reality. lol


Yes, it is rather a chicken or the egg kind of debate :wink:


:rofl: no it’s not. Your political truth is not mine. As soon as you add “political” to any phrase, you take “truth” out of the equation.


Perhaps. If anything, it’s fun to explore under certain conditions. As of now, I conclude that consciousness precedes measurement in answer to the chicken or the egg.