The Destruction of Gender Roles


And situations cause them to become dominant?


Situations, conscious effort, absolutely.


Yet two people can instinctively react differently to exactly the same situation.


You are an interesting dude.


Ok, why?


The set of traits they are genetically born/wired with.


Some people think so. I don’t find myself particularly interesting, but I remain open to my external variables.


I thought we agreed we all have them all.


If I hadn’t called it a “political truth”, woukd you still be saying this?


Base instincts. Some have instincts that others don’t.


Probably. What other word would you use?


I don’t think I agree with that. Are all instincts not base?


Basic instincts are.

More refined instincts are not.


Uh oh. “Refined instincts”?


Why uh oh?..


How or what “refines” instincts?


An instinct is a typical/common reaction to stimuli.

For instance, if an object is flying at my face, I will instinctively throw my arm in front of my face to protect me without thought. Everyone who can see reacts the same way.

However, outside of my base instincts I may react in a situation much differently than how someone else reacts. Not a learned behavior because the reaction happens without forethought.


Do you believe in the existence of immutable truths when human beings are involved?


My military training tells me they are learned behaviors.


I am sure that your military training has taught you quite a few learned behaviors. Which touches on the topic of the OP. Men have different instincts than women.

The innate, that you were born with was refined and enhanced through your training. Yet some are better in certain areas than others. Everyone can train to be a sniper, but not all have the instinct that some snipers have which makes them excel.