The Destruction of Gender Roles

What people tend to forget is that gender roles aren’t just traditional but also biological; men as protectors and providers, women as nurturers. These sex roles are norms, meaning ideals. Realistically, not every man or woman will be able to function according to them. That’s what makes them ideals. But a healthy society needs to maintain these ideals as norms nevertheless, for even in a racially homogeneous society like Japan, male infantilization caused by promotion of degenerate shit such as hentai and anime are causes of personal and social misery and below-replacement birthrates, particularly among the educated and intelligent who should be reproducing more rather than less. Women who genuinely wish to become wives and mothers nevertheless feel forced to pursue a career first because of a lack of men who wish to assume the protector and provider role.

All of this leads to the destruction of traditionalism and the nuclear family, which is the glue that holds society together. Without it, we all fall apart. What say you?

I’ve noticed a trend with younger people and even some in their 30/40’s. They now have dogs instead of children. The people living in back of us have a 3100 sq foot home unfinished basement and a dog. No children. I asked the if they had children when they moved in, no, we don’t want to be tied down so we have a dog that we can drop at the vets. I see that more often today.

Seems many are substituting pets for children.

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People who call themselves “pet parents” are the most nauseating group there is. I get a Christmas card every year from a co-worker with a picture of his dog in a Christmas hat. Him and his girlfriend of 10 years are still in the child bearing age range.


Oftentimes it takes two incomes to maintain a household. Were it possible to have a family and a stay at home mom, I think our children would be much healthier.


I have a daughter, adopted. Because of her health problems it wasn’t possible to have a second. Yes we have 2 incomes however I no longer work full time, but when I do work, I travel so I limit the amount of time I work.

p.s. I don’t have the animals as substitute.

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My wife and I talk about this a lot. We were both raised by stay at home moms and we know how much our fathers made. We both make more than they did individually but need to bring in what we do just to live at the standard of living we both had growing up. What the hell happened?

I may be way off base, and I am sure I will be corrected if so.

But my theory is that when women entered the workforce en mass, wages dropped over time. Two people now earn what the head of household used to earn singularly.

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Good, there are too many people now. That’s the major cause of a lot of our problems.

Women need to be removed from the workforce and prohibited from all but part-time jobs and volunteering. This will not only raise employment opportunuties for men but also restore them to the traditional role of breadwinner. This, in turn, restores traditional gender roles and marriage as women once more depend on men for economic survival.

Too many of the wrong kind - liberals, feminists, etc. They give rise to emasculated men and idiots who refuse to conform to inherently natural and proper gender roles.

I suspect wages are tied to supply and demand.

Why has the minimum wage been stagnant? Because we have an endless supply of entry level workers. That in turns forces people upward. That creates a surplus as it heads upward. At a point people are more valuable for their contributions than the workforce available.

I command 200-250 an hour for my services. Why because few people can do what I do and do it efficiently and well and training is costly to get anyone to the level I perform.

Conversely why should any employer hand out raises to workers when others are waiting in line to take their place???


Having a child is an awesome responsibility. I would rather someone decide to not have children than to be a lousy parent.


If everyone had to go through what you go through to adopt there would be far more dogs and cats and far less children.

Prove you have a good home.
Prove you have the finances to have a child. 5 years of tax returns, letters from employers, copies of savings, investments.
Prove you are good person and can care for a child.
Interviews for friends and family.

Ah yes the process to adopt is long and difficult and having a natural born requires nothing.


No, just too many people.

I couldn’t agree more. You get a heart.

I like it. Proof of parenting skills.

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Oh they are the worst, and dating one of them is a headache of epic proportions , I once dated a woman and it was my fault for ignoring the red flags, her profile name “dog mommy something”, she was an attractive woman but lived her life around her dogs.

It was hard going away on weekends because she wouldnt put them in a kennel, someone had to watch them, they slept in the same bed as her even we we having sex they were at the bottom of the bed most times.

And one of them the male dog always licked his balls and then tries to lick your face… hell no and she thought I was being insensitive, yeah as if Ive always wanted to get licked on the face after the dog licks his balls, not.

I will never date another woman who claims their pets are their children.


I’d rather see adults in their 20s move out of the house & love a pet than give birth & neglect, like this little cunt. Fuck her!

I like it!

Many young are unwed & procreating in a crude “baby mommy, baby daddee” type scenario, sometimes with handouts.

Maybe if such freebies as Medicaid & WIC vouchers were discontinued, less would be motivated to procreate in the absence of stable partnerships & finances.

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