The Destruction of Gender Roles


I wonder how the US ever existed without welfare programs.


People today don’t plan ahead. A lot of people will marry, have children and not have a pot to piss in. But if you visit their homes you will find big flat screen TV’s, nice sound systems, each sporting a i Phone or something equal. They have internet, cable TV with all of the channels.

A lot of these people skated by in high school and ended up with dead end jobs.


They want right now what their parents worked decades to have.


I love cats and dogs, but really!

That’s ridiculous!

Unless someone jokingly calls their pet a fur kid or themselves a pet parent—pets are very similar responsibilities, they just don’t talk back—but anyway seriously referring to oneself as a “pet parent” is ridiculous.


Anime isn’t degenerate. If you think this is degenerate then there is something wrong with you:


I agree. This is one reason why I support policies that help middle and lower income earners. America would be a better place if one income could support a household comfortably. But sadly, this is not the case.


If you consider the Gilded Age through the Great Depression, the answer for a vast majority of Americans is, ‘not very well.’


Welfare of some kind did, in fact, exist during that time.


Welfare programs have existed in the United States since its founding.


That would be your perspective.

People learned to take care of themselves.

People learned to provide for themselves.

The country grew because of their independence.

Today the people are dependent on government and are weak over weight, obese and cannot function without someone telling them what to think, what to do.


Well, it wasn’t nearly as robust and proactive as what we commonly call ‘safety nets’ today.


Workers in the Gilded Age had no independence. They were working incredible hours, at all ages, and were trapped in the economic class, and geography by the stratified nature of our economy.

And sure, if you mean ‘sending their children to the factories at the age of 8 to earn a few more pennies so that they would pay their rent’ then sure, they learned to take care of themselves.


That’s cool dude. You watch cartoons.


Government funded? …
Like what did they get?


Wow, a drama queen as none of that was mentioned.

Not to worry, 60% of Americans get some form of government aid from SS to ACA to student loans.

How we have progress from slaves to fat asses dependent on government to tell us what to do.


His perspective is also the correct one. “Regulations” and safety nets came to exist because of their demand for reform.

Oh, yeah. You’re right on that. Those hard working, independent laborers and trade unionists waited for no assistance or hand outs. Through hard work and committment, they became their own bosses, put their hearts and souls into improving their conditions, and they shed blood, sweat, and tears to do it all.

This is one of the most uncritically examined talking points in the US. The “dependence” is non-existent because it’s incoherent.


I’m absolutely with you. More than three quarters of the worth of US corporations, for example, comes from the subsidies euphemistically called “intellectual property”. We need to make our country’s businesses stand on their own two feet again by taking away from them the “IP” hammock that is so injurious to the working spirit.


…to oil exploration subsidies, to the Farm Bill, to Wall street bailouts, to preferential wall street taxation (I forget that term…), to subsidized crops, to farmer bailouts…


Do explain, and which ones.

Link to that?


Yes, “government funded” is typically what is referred to by “welfare”. I don’t have much on specifics other than that they were inherited from the design of poor relief in England.