The Democrats Don't care about you


Not to mention Repeal of Obamaharm.


They lost on every issue. The only accomplishment was a tax cut when far more important issues were on the table.



Corporate MSM is not on the patriots side.


Not just that but over at that other forum one fellow said the latter guy somehow incited the attack. Sure he condemned the attacker but if his standard for incitement is that low what sort of condemnation could it really even be?


That s was never even on the table. Trump broke the party rule, he came in as an outsider and hijacked the party for himself upsetting the establishment of both parties.


It’s always possible, all it takes is one election.

The problem is the benefit of incumbency which gives them quite the advantage. The incumbent reelection rate is about 95%.


So - you want people to believe that Republicans care about them :rofl:

If that’s the case I have a wall to give you, and Mexico is gonna pay for it!


Oh your so funny and so off topic.

Did you read the headline of the topic???

Maybe a little of the original post?


This is what the Democrats are campaigning on. None of which will ever see the light of day. But they sound good and plenty of people will believe. Now, unless the Democrats have a forest of money trees hidden there is no way in hell the tax payers can cover the costs.

Green New Disaster $93 Trillion over 10 years

Medicare For All $32.6 trillion over 10 years

College For All $47 billion per year

Universal Child Care $700 billion over 10 years






Both take donations from special interests and ensure certain language that would hurt those interests never get incorporated to bills. Also, they each play politically with very important votes that should be a straight up or down without riders (things that are for their own districts, or unrelated to the main bill).

Republicans tend to be very pro-business but this also makes them corporatist and often times want to deregulate industry that clearly needs it. Democrats are often too strict and create needless laws that aren’t very effective. They also tend to start off with very popular ideas that would really change things but once the bill actually hits the floor it gets gutted because they have no backbone and can’t betray their lobbyists (health care reform).

Both use war to their own advantage although I think many can agree the US has definitely accomplished its military objectives lately (ignoring if those objectives are proper in the first place.) Democrats tend to have a fairly good track record for promoting social justice (whether you agree with it or not doesn’t matter) while Republicans have a good track record of keeping taxes low, (again, ignoring if that is good or bad).

Democrats want to spend during recessions and tax during prosperity to fund government while Republicans want the free market to run its course without using government too much to assist the economy (except big banks they both seem to prefer saving them.)

Democrats want to hold or increase levels of welfare and state aid to unemployed while republicans typically want to hold or reduce those levels.


I think that was the most objective post I have seen in a while…thanks for reminding us how it’s done new person.


Every group that attempts to influence policy is a “special interest group”.


The problem is the republican party today has become the party of crony capitalists there are few in between republicans who are actually “conservatives”

At least the The plantation party has more liberals representing them but they are slowly being taken over by the extreme left.

50 years ago they would have locked up Sanders for being to “marxist friendly”

Politics today is about Money, nothing more nothing less.

Either doesnt give a rats ass about people until mid terms and presidential elections


But what about President Trump? The man has tried to fulfill his campaign promises and for the most part has. He has lost money since being elected and works without receiving a paycheck. He has gone back to the very cities he campaigned in and made more appearances. Which by the way is almost unheard of.



You misspelled none. The pretend “conservatives” pandering for votes don’t count.


Think about that for a second. Why are the banks so important? Could it be because they’re the ones really calling the shots? The Federal Reserve is privately owned by bankers, many who aren’t even in this country. Yet their board determines our fiscal policy.

Straight from the horses mouth:

Can you say “sold out?” I knew you could.


I misspelled “none”?