The Democrats are Finally Realizing Just How Dangerous AOC Has Become to Their Base

Governor Cuomo is pissed along with Democrats who represented the Long Island district where Amazon would have set up shop creating at minimum 25,000 jobs at 150,000 per year along with many other entry level jobs now lost because of Alexandria Ococksucker Cortex.

Cuomo was counting on this deal as he himself worked on it to bring Amazon to New York to create its headquarter in which in turn was offered a tax incentive to set up shop in the Empire State.
Let this sink in for awhile at just how crazy this has become, and now AOC thinks a tax abatement is something that can be used as available money to spend in order to improve schools and infrastructure. Seriously! If this woman couldn’t be any dumber I would swear that we would be watching the movie “idiocracy” where life is imitating so called Hollyweird fiction and AOC is the leading role. You simply can’t make this stuff up. So it appears with this huge loss to New York State AOC and the democratic party are going to be at serious odds with each other giving another wonderful gift to the republicans and Trump come 2020, because this particular development is not going to go away anytime soon that makes the Democrats look extremely bad especially now it is being hijacked by AOC and her dumb socialist ideas.

In the video below (just ignore the CNN footage for a moment) as congress woman Carolyn Maloney who represents the Long Island district explains how disastrous this decision from Amazon to cancel their plans to move to New York is going to be!

The question I have: how long will it be before AOC is either forced to resign or is voted out of office or perhaps when people start revolting against her? Will the democratic party put a candidate in her district to run against her and run hit pieces on her?

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Yeah. Maloney gave Cortez plenty of help and exposure though. She and her constituents got what they deserve.

Cry now, Maloney. You are partly responsible.

I think the party will try to make a deal with her to shut up. But she might say “F you, Democrats” and declare herself totally independent. Not sure how that works but I assume she will at least still be given an office and a phone someplace.

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That is a pretty accurate and realistic outcome for someone like AOC. She will either sink or swim with her large Social media following. Someone from another forum had an interesting analysis on all of this. Particularly when comparing what the Tea Party represented years ago to the Republican party, a threat to them in which they eventually neutralized, the same goes for the Democratic party and their rogues like AOC going to the extreme fringe of their party as well to the point she might form her own coalition of fools. I wonder how many Bernie Sanders Supporters she ended up picking up recently? We all know the super delegates neutralized him as well. I suspect something similar is going to happen to her in a indirect way.

In any case, she will get a talk show host job if she gets booted.



Yeah, that seems appropriate for people like her who spew such bullshit on a daily basis. Like Joe Scarborough!

Given the above MABA image from AlexC, i bet there is a winning format for her talk show. People come into her bar… (juice bar if shows with alcohol are a problem) . They bring up political/cultural topics. They discuss like people at a bar would… with AOC hosting, cleaning cloth in hand. Somehow… her juice cocktails always are part of the solution.

A little dance, a few nutty Left wing ideas, a few “you’ve had enough” moments, designated drivers (opposing views) for contrast…

There it is.


Dam dude! You should be selling that idea, not giving it away for free! Don’t give them any more ideas! Lol!

What does AOC have to do with amazon choosing to bail out of their commitment?

She has zero power over the state of NY and more importantly over the city were Amazon was planning to build.

She’s mesmerized your idiots. She is the leader of your party. She is the leader of your culture club.

What she says goes.
Have you been sleeping?

Look… you are even trying to defend her now. Will she knight you Sir Prag?

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You have a hard time with reading comprehension…

I am trying to figure out how 1 person is responsible for a multi-billion dollar company backing out of a deal? Even if she had any sort of power there, I do not think it was a bad move to question why Amazon was getting tax breaks.

Seems like the state and local legislators did not like the optics of giving a multi billion company significant tax breaks.

Cons talk about AOC more than Dems… I don’t understand why? It’s like they are either trying to make her the face of the party (which is Pelosi now) or they are identifying her as their new chew toy because Hilary is washed. Idk.


For knuckleheads who simply can’t grasp basic intellect of economics! From their own leftist media d-bags mouths, even they realize how boneheaded this was! Talk about a blown opportunity, this takes the cake!

Apparently, everything…


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No dude. I know that is what the narrative has you lemmings saying. But truth is, we talk only when leftist idiots go gaga over her socialist ideas. Don’t pretend dude. She wrote the idiotic fucking Green New Deal that all your presidential candidate signed up to.

The View

There’s a show that needs another dumbass host…

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Voting for the likes of AOC or Bernie is how progressives say “Hey, y’all watch me do this!”

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So this thread only started because AOC proposed a socialistic policy? Interesting

Not really…
It started because we are watching her tear the democrat morons apart. They were all saying “oh…look at how cons are all obsessed with her” (just like you were instructed to do) when they should have been paying attention to how nonsensical and destructive she is. But now… look who’s talking. You guys. She caught you sleeping and she stole your party leadership.

Hey… don’t spend Amazon’s tax break. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

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