The death of coal

Well, another failed promise from the president facing impeachment. Of course Trump promised to bring back coal with thousands of jobs.

Instead, jobs are dying as the nations largest coal company files bankruptcy.

Hmmmmmmm, death of coal; well, if so, then say goodbye to steel production, water purification facilities, the use of coal in the chemical industry, and the list is endless. Coal production just needs to be managed properly. One of our most useful & critical commodities.

Anthracite is an excellent filter media for water clarification in drinking or industrial use, when used in combination with filtering sands. It is one of the most used filtering media. It is a good complement for the mixed filters, in company of sand or green manganese sand. Due to the special shape of its grains, it allows the suspended particles to be retained in the depth of the filtering bed. Compared to a sand filter, this filtering medium allows a higher flow, less pressure drop and a better and faster backwash.

About the op Jim, the nations largest coal company going bankrupt, juxtaposed to Trump’s promise to revive coal and bring back thousands of jobs. We were suppose to get sick of winning, not all this loosing.

The current occupant thinks he can give coal and dirty fuels in general a boost by breaking from the Paris Accord

He’s wrong.

Many states and most major cities are choosing to abide by Paris. That means the shuttering of many coal fired plants.

The current occupant also gets his jollies by trying to remove California’s right to pass their own clean air regulations governing vehicle emissions.

Major automobile intend to adopt the California standards regardless.

The guy could better serve his constituents by advocating for training, job and income replacement options for those who will lose their jobs. Especially the coal miners. These folks have been doing this toxic work for generations. They must not be left in the lurch by companies who’ve made billions off their labor and lung diseases.

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I always said, there are more important uses for coal & oil, than burning.

But while solar energy may seem like the perfect solution to our energy woes, new research has shown it is not so benevolent.

While the theory is that solar energy is cleaner than other types of energy, the sad fact is that the environmental cost of solar panels outweighs the cost of nuclear energy, by far. A recent report from the pro-nuclear group Environmental Progress claims that solar panels produce 300 times more waste than nuclear power plants for every single unit of electricity produced. As it turns out, solar panels rely on a variety of heavy metals that are known to be toxic, such as lead and cadmium. This is made worse by the fact that very little has been done to plan for solar waste and the issues it might cause for the environment.

The concerns with solar panels do not end with what happens while they are in use, however. What happens to them after they’ve expired is perhaps even more of an issue; if they are simply left to rot in landfills, the potential for environmental contamination runs high. But the cost of breaking solar panels down for recycling is also quite prohibitive. This double threat could be disastrous, especially given how new the technology is. Few municipalities are prepared to deal with the disposal of solar panels and most of their manufacturers have yet to step up to the plate.

But we’re not talking about nuclear energy Jim…:man_shrugging:

No, we’re talking about clean energy; and behind the scenes, solar panels are not as clean as the green nuts want to believe. Hypocrisy in spades.

I’ve got ten solar panels on a house I built on my ranch in 1996. That’s 23 years with no energy bills. 23 years of no fossil fuels being burnt to provide electricity for my house. That’s fantastically cleaner than grid power.

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Where did the energy come from to manufacture the solar panels? Where will the panels end up when they are no longer viable? I know few recycling centers that specialize in recycling solar panels. Lots of nasty stuff in solar panels. I use a wood burner. Totally renewable energy.

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Another limitless source of energy are used tires. I mean, they are everywhere. OK, maybe a little smoke. Shredded tires with a higher heating value of 14,500 BTUs-per-pound. Among commonly used fuels, only oil has a higher energy value.

I guess you missed the point. A token amount of energy to produce ten solar panels in 1995, and 23 years of energy from the sun in my house, without burning any fossil fuels. 23 YEARS. How much have you spent on electric bills over the last 23 years, and how much coal was dug out of the ground and burnt so that you could light your home those 23 years.

No, you are missing the point.

Coal fired generation is the single largest source of electricity in the US, about 38%. It would require just over 21,000 square miles of solar farm to replace the total US electric generation. That’s a square roughly 147 miles a side. That’s a massive solar farm populated with panels and infrastructure fabricated using coal.

I assume since your ranch is a proven site for solar generation, you’re willing to donate it to the cause of eliminating coal as an energy source. :smile:

First, I live in PA’s Coal Regions. I can take my truck to any old workings & pick 10 tons of Anthracite in a month. I only use 2 to 3 tons in a year; plus the free wood for my wood burner. I still have 3 or 4 years of coal sitting. It never ever goes bad. It just sits & waits. Electric bill is minimal, since it’s offset by free heat. And where I live, like many areas, only a month or two of fuel oil stored at terminals. I can always get as much Anthracite as I want for free.

Well you’re not the normal guy Jim.

How odd that you say that.

I just spoke with a vendor in California today who had his plant shut down when the Pacific gas shut down power.

He said when he builds a new home he is going solar, but guess what? You can’t use your own energy in a black out. So he has to buy batteries to store power.

I also made a comment to him that if electricity is shut off people are going to buy generators as a backup power source. Doesn’t take much for the heat from the motor to start a fire.

He is a normal guy. He represents everything you don’t like. There are thousands of him to one of you.

Why do you assume that?

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Where dos the energy come from to refine, process and manufacture products that’re manufactured from dirty fuels come from?

Your argument fails Jim.