The Curious Case of Qanon Shaman

By now you probably heard the news of Tucker Carlson’s release of the January 6th never before seen security footage tapes that has caused much consternation within the ruling class to the point that they had to make public statements denouncing Tucker’s actions, even accusing him of cherry picking the tapes to which is promoting lies and propaganda. People like Schummer, Mitch McConnell, and Mitt Romney were all weighing in in a vane attempt to discredit Tucker Carlson’s reporting on the issue.

The question is why? Well as we have seen here before the behavior of a sociopath is not only to tell a lie, but when caught telling a lie their instinct is to double down to tell more lies to cover up the original one; and that is exactly what the political class of the DC swamp is about and is doing but I digress.

The real issue here is the fact the January 6th committee withheld exculpatory evidence in the case involving Jacob Chansley aka “Qanon Shaman” and convicted him to spend 4 years in a federal prison on the grounds of domestic terrorism. Based on these findings especially given that Chansley’s defense lawyer wasn’t given access to the surveillance tapes is an egregious violation of Chansley’s civil rights and his incarceration should be immediately vacated. However the video that Tucker aired on Fox news and continues to do so in subsequent broadcasts exonerates Chansley for any wrong doing as its clear as day he was led on a tour by the working police officers at the capital that day. Clearly a case can be made in Chansley’s defense had this same footage were made available to his lawyers that he was not what the DOJ prosecutor’s and the Jan 6 committee were accusing him of.

So now the question will be what is next and what are and will be the implications? Any number of scenarios can be played out especially when the wheels of justice involving the Federal government and its DOJ (which BTW is suppose to be impartial regardless which party is occupying the White House) move ever so very slowly to acknowledge its wrong doing. Chansley is still sitting in a federal prison, and given the reactions by the uniparty members of Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, and Chuck Schummer calling for censorship of Tucker Carlson’s show, its pretty evident that they are panicking and are trying their best to cover for their money laundering operation by immediately going after a issue that quite possibly threatens their golden goose and to undo their special chummy club all in the discourse of public opinion.

The entire Jan 6th committee including AG Merrit Garland and anybody else who helped in the entire January 6th charade foisted upon the American public are in some serious trouble even possibly legal jeopardy. Convicting a innocent man by withholding exculpatory evidence is probably one of the if not the most egregious error a Government can do to a private citizen which is denying them their constitutional basic rights in doing so.

Lastly, this thread is not about the Jan 6th tapes as there is another thread for that purpose, but a discussion about the case of Jacob Chansley and its importance on why it could be or has the potential to be the most important case in constitutional law history when it comes to violating American citizen’s rights and distrust in our legal institutions that forgoes due process as well as blatantly withholding exculpatory evidence to paint a false narrative for the sake of creating Political talking points for upcoming elections.

Here in this video Tucker Carlson makes his case regarding Jacob Chansley and why he should not be in jail.

Another viewpoint is Jonathon Turley’s essay on the matter which IMO has no sympathy for Chansley or the protestors on January 6th, In fact Turley is a liberal in the traditional definition of the word and thus he regards the legal institutions with high esteem as he no doubts knows the judges social circles. He denounces Trump’s speech on that day, so read the article with some degree of skepticism and filter. However if he is even having trouble with Chansley’s sentencing as being over excessive then its pretty safe to assume that we may just be getting started in legal terms of course, of finally addressing the January 6th prisoners on the grounds that the entire Jan 6th committee was merely for show that inadvertently violated American Citizen’s rights to which will put past plea deals and convictions in doubt now.


In conclusion, if a wrong is not righted, corrected to doing the right thing in terms of proper legal justice, then this is one more nail in the coffin of public trust in our Government institutions that will never be gotten back. Justice is blind and once that is subverted the police state will get even worse in the years ahead as erosion of a country’s values regarding law and order society will continue to its path of self destruction. It happened to the Roman empire and it certainly can happen to America.


Stop duplicating. Tucker releases the tapes! A full break down - #9 by Jitss617

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It has been patently obvious from the beginning of the Jan 6 “select” committee that the preconceived outcome was to denigrate Trump and wrongly convict selected scapegoats to amplify the exaggerated and false charges of “violent insurrection” against Trump supporters.

Just as the two bogus “impeachments” of Trump were railroaded through kangaroo courts with unconstitutional abuse of power, the Committee of Trump Haters, all selected by Nancy Pelosi, used unconstitutional abuse of power to sentence an innocent citizen to prison on false charges by withholding exculpatory evidence that clearly proves his innocence.

They lied and got caught.

Every member of Nancy’s Committee should be in prison…especially that goofball chairman. He does not truly represent the Great State of Mississippi.


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