The Curious Case of Jaydon Hayden a Black Racist who Beats Elderly White People in a Michigan Psychiatric Hospital

His name is Jaydon Hayden and he is a student at the Walter Reuther Psychiatric Hospital/School in Westland, in Detroit, Michigan.

Jaydon has been uploading videos of himself beating elderly white people at the hospital for months. YouTube has only just taken these videos down, despite them being overwhelmingly violent and racist.

The national media has not covered this story and the DOJ has not launched a hate crime investigation - like we have seen in the case of Ahmaud Arbery. It seems that it’s perfectly fine for sick and elderly white people to be violently beaten by a racist black man, who has yet to suffer any consequences for his depraved actions.


What an animal. Someone should tie him down to a bed and beat the shit out of him. Let’s see how much he likes it. He should be locked up for the rest of his life.


Jesus. That is seriously fucked up. I just searched around and there isn’t a single news story or any record of an arrest being made.

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Why hasn’t the local NAACP publicly denounced him and made an apology? Isn’t that what they demand in the rare instances that the roles are reversed?


It’s sad and pathetic, at the same time, we live in such a society as we do now.

Maybe he was just training for his next jog?


Yeah. There is absolutely nothing out there showing that anything was done to this piece of shit. The minute those videos got posted there should have been police hunting him down and locking him up. This also should have made national news and yet it doesn’t even get any local coverage. Examples like this just go to show that no only is there a double standard in this country when it comes to enforcing the law but that the media is completely controlled and will only push stories that fit the narrative that all white people are evil and racist. That’s such bullshit because it’s obviously false. Then you get situations of actual racism like this and not a damn peep.

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They are quick to publish obvious bullshit like this though…


Yep…the NAACP wasted no time in screeching about a small scuffle somewhere in Iowa but they haven’t said a word about this.


If a white guy had done something like this to elderly black folks there would be riots.

When a black guy does this to elderly white folks there isn’t even an arrest. Disgusting.


This is what pure hate and racism looks like. He beat them because they were white, defenseless, and because he could.


I don’t think we are supposed to notice things like that…because noticing makes you racist, apparently. We are only supposed to parrot what they good little sheep.

Time to wake up. They get to “demand justice” for the slightest offense, well so can we. I’m emailing a link to this to the local PD and they can go pick this piece of shit up and throw him in jail where he belongs.



My first question is why is there not a supervisor or some other staff member noting the abuse after his shift?

This goes beyond being racist, this is a sadistic, very sick person.

That was one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever seen.

I haven’t seen a video that pissed me off this much in a long time. it looks like a lot of other people have seen it now as well and all of his information has been put out there on some dox sites. Still nothing from the news and no arrest reports have been filed.

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Damn y’all. This is messed up. Anybody who still has social media accounts should share this.



Racist blacks don’t give a shit about anyone but their own.


You are half right. But there are more blacks against blacks, than there are whites against blacks (and vice versa).

The Democrats and the MSM won’t tell you. They rather tell you it’s “White on Blacks”. Because, it sounds more appropriate to oppress.

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This guy is seriously sick.

What is the follow up on this?

Clearly this young athlete was only practicing his love of boxing with everyone around him. Anyone who says otherwise is just a racist who is trying to keep young Jaydon down. Boxers and joggers are the future of America. Remember that the next time you see one in public.

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